Alsactil Tablet – Your Ayurvedic Cure for Acidity


Alsactil Tablet – Your Ayurvedic Cure for Acidity: Digestive health is one of the most important things for a healthy life – as we age, one’s health gets deteriorated and complicated with age, lifestyle choices, and in combination with other lifestyle disorders such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, etc. 

There are numerous causes for acidity and other digestive disorders such as constipation, heartburn, irritable bowel, etc. And as such there are also many solutions in the market to help with these conditions. 

But Ayurveda offers a simple and herbal ayurvedic medicine for acidity that not only addresses the issue of acidity, but also heartburn and constipation. With this simple method and with a little change of lifestyle, it is possible to completely cure acidity and other digestive disorders plaguing the body.

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What is Acidity?

Acidity is caused when there is too much production of digestive acids in the stomach. The stomach produces digestive acids in anticipation of food when the body realizes it is hungry and it is time to eat. 

When we do not eat at those times and leave our stomach to fend for itself, the acids start to build up and ruin the balance in the stomach causing acidity. This can eventually also lead to heartburn, constipation, or dysentery and cause permanent problems such as ulcers if not treated in time. 

Alsactil – An ayurvedic Solution to Acidity

Alsactil tablet is an amazing and powerful medicine prepared as ayurvedic medicine for acidity. The tablet is made with a bunch of potent ingredients that help in counteracting acidity and helps with other conditions such as ulcers, flatulence, and heartburn. 

Alsactil is a combination of herbs that act as natural digestives and helps with ulcers and other digestive problems by strengthening the digestive fire and maintaining a healthy gut.

Ingredients used in Alsactil Tablet

1. Triphala

Triphala is a medicine on its own – prepared from three ingredients, Amlaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritakhi. Amalaki is the traditional Amla or Indian gooseberry. Amala has the natural tendency to be an excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. It also proves to be a natural laxative. 

Bibhitaki is another antihypertensive, antipyretic, and antibacterial agent that eases motion and proves to relieve signs of stress in the stomach. Haritaki is an antimicrobial agent and a hepatoprotective. It has antifungal and antiviral properties that fight off infections and eases the digestive system. 

It removes toxins from the body. The combination of these 3 medicines helps in eliminating toxins from the digestive tract and maintaining a healthy stomach. 

2. Yashtimadhu

The Licorice or mulethi extracts helps in keeping the digestive tract cool and relieves heartburn and fights off infections. This traditional ingredient is part of many Indian sweets and cuisines. 

3. Durva

Durva helps in combating hyperacidity and counteracts gas, heartburn, and acidity issues in the digestive tract.

4. Pippali

Pippali is Long Pepper which is a natural healer and helps boost immunity. It helps in cleansing the digestive tract and ward of acidity and gastrointestinal diseases. 

5. Musta

Musta is a natural anti-bacterial and helps get rid of bacterial infection in the gut. It is a natural ayurvedic medicine for gas and ulcers.

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6. Lasuna

Lasuna is Garlic, which is a common Indian spice and helps in treating digestive problems and maintaining a healthy gut. It also eliminates toxins. 

7. Maricha

Maricha is Black pepper that helps in combating flatulence and indigestion and helps keep the gut healthy. 

These are some of the beneficial ingredients in Alsactil tablets

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