Common Dental Surgical Instruments in a Tooth Extraction Kit


There are many dental surgical instruments. Each one has a specific job to perform. Some of them are multi-purpose. Dental tools are divided on the basis of procedures. There are periodontic, orthodontic, or endodontic surgical instruments. All categories may have some common instruments. In this regard, the tooth extraction kit contains endodontic surgery tools. This class comprises two main instruments, elevators and tooth extraction forceps. 

Both instruments are unique in their structure according to their use. Moreover, they have a number of types and variations to meet different requirements. Specifically, a dental elevator lifts and cuts the periodontal ligaments. Thus, it detaches the tooth from its roots. While extraction forceps pick the detached tooth out of the socket.

The dental elevator has developed through several innovations. There are luxating elevators and anglevators. These updated extraction instruments have made the procedures atraumatic and easier. It is the responsibility of a dental professional to maintain the Surgical Dental Atraumatic Extraction Kit with ergonomic instruments for better practice.

Different Tools in Dental Atraumatic Extraction Kit

As discussed above, there are two major instruments in a dental extraction kit. They are elevators and extraction forceps with a variety of variations. Each variation has a specific structure and size. Let’s discuss these dentistry tools one by one.

Dental Elevators

Dental elevators are used to luxate the teeth. The sharp end of the instrument helps detach the tooth from its roots in an atraumatic way. An extraction atraumatic kit can have many variations of tooth elevators. They can be straight, angular, curved, single, or double-ended. Besides, there are some other types of these dental tools.

Apexo Elevator

This special type of dental elevator detaches tooth from its gums. Thus, it makes the extraction procedure easier and atraumatic. Moreover, the apexo elevator helps remove broken root tips present under the gum line. Also, it is a perfect choice for the elevation of small teeth and upper anterior roots. It is a lightweight and heavy-duty dental extraction tool. Moreover, it has serrated patterns for effective procedures.

Barry Elevator

 Barry Elevator comes in a T-shape with only one working end. The ergonomically designed handle of the instrument ensures a firm grip and increased control during the procedure. Moreover, it is an atraumatic and perfect elevator instrument for root elevations during extraction. Barry elevator is the best-fit choice for your tooth extraction kit.

Cogswell Elevator

Cogswell Elevator has a curved tip with a long, round, and sturdy handle for effective maneuvering. Dentists use it to loosen teeth from PDL. Its sharp, curved tip makes the extraction procedure less hectic for both the surgeons and the patient. 

Hourigan Elevator

Hourihan elevator also has a T-shape with a right-angled sharp tip and a firm grip handle. Moreover, it is lightweight and can be used after sterilization. Surgeons prefer this special tooth elevator for cutting tooth roots during the extraction procedure. 

Anglevator: An innovative Dental Elevator

It is the advanced version of tooth elevators. Mostly, it is a double-ended dental instrument. Its sharp end helps elevate the tooth in an atraumatic way to prevent trauma to the surrounding oral structures. Most importantly, it is a combination of six instruments, making it a multi-purpose dentistry tool. Surgeons must consider this ergonomic design instrument for their extraction kit. 

Other types of dental elevators include apical, Bein, Bernard, Coleman, Coupland, Cryer, and crane pick elevators. All of them have multiple variations and are the perfect options for a dental extraction kit.

Extraction forceps

Like dental elevators, forceps are also a major part of a tooth extraction kit. They help remove the luxated tooth and roots from the socket. Basically, extraction forceps follow the use of dental elevators. There are many types and variations of this special instrument. Here, we will discuss some important extraction forceps worth being a part of the extraction atraumatic kit.

Modified Extraction Forceps

Modified extraction forceps are used for posteriors and third molars. They have a plier-style handle and sharp breaks. Specifically, dental professionals prefer them for patients having limited posterior openings. 

Root Fragment Forceps

These specially designed extraction forceps help remove broken roots from the socket. They are atraumatic and prevent trauma to the nearby structures. In addition, these forceps are available in many variations to accommodate dentists. Surgeons should pay heed to making them part of the dental extraction kit.

Other important extraction forceps include English forceps, American forceps, and atraumatic forceps.

Get Prime-Quality Surgical Dental Atraumatic Extraction Kit

A dental professional should never compromise on the quality of the instruments. It is undoubtedly difficult to differentiate between a sub-standard and a quality instrument. But still, there are some trustworthy manufacturers. If you need any kind of dental surgical instruments or tooth extraction kit, contact GerDentUSA Inc to get the best of all. We have sets of anglevators and sets of color-coated elevator extraction instruments. All our instruments are forged from German stainless. Moreover, they are available in multiple variations. Our Prime-Quality dental tools are durable and budget-friendly. 

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