Damages Caused By Cumulative Stress And Repetitive Trauma


The cumulative trauma and stress in the work environment can physically traumatize and injure the workers. Repetitive stress and physical exertion for an extended period can lead to disability in employees, and they may require medical care for their injuries. The workers are entitled to compensation for their injuries and their treatment. A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer can guide them in seeking the deserved amount of compensation. 

Some of the most common injuries resulting from related and repetitive work stress are as follows:

  1. Injuries in the neck.

These injuries include damaged tendons, issues in muscles, nerves, and even spinal disc injuries like protrusion, bulges, or herniated discs. 

  1. Shoulder injuries

As a result of consistent stress, the rotator cuffs of workers may get damaged. The employees may also face issues in their acromioclavicular joint or their labrum. Damage to the biceps tendon is also commonly observed among stressed workers.

  1. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

In this syndrome, the nerves of the spine, which are responsible for controlling the arms and blood vessels of the heart, get compressed. The compression results in numbness of fingers and sensation of sleep in the injured employee’s hands or arms.

  1. Lower back injuries

These injuries include damaged tendons, muscles, or nerves. Spinal disc injuries like protrusions and bulges are also included in lower back injuries. 

  1. Nerve Entrapment Syndrome

In this syndrome, the three nerves, including the median, ulnar and radial nerves, get entrapped. Carpal tunnel syndrome is called carpal tunnel syndrome, when the median nerve gets entrapped at the wrist. It is known as pronator teres syndrome when the median nerve gets trapped in the forearm. Moreover, it is known as cubital tunnel syndrome when the Ulnar nerve gets entrapped at the elbow. 

  1. Tendinitis

Tendinitis occurs in the wrist area. They are also commonly observed near the elbows on the shoulders of employees. 

  1. Tenosynovitis

This health condition includes the inflammation of the nerve sheath. Tenosynovitis results in pain and numbness in the hands.De Quervain’s Syndrome is a common type of tenosynovitis. 

  1. Raynaud’s Disease

This disease results in numbness, pain, and tingles in the hands as well as fingers. One of the acute symptoms of Raynaud’s disease is that the injured worker starts developing sensitivity to cold. 

  1. Arthritis 

Many workers, especially those engaged in manual work, develop arthritis near the thumb’s basal joint. 

If you are a victim of cumulative trauma injury or any of the illnesses mentioned above, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries. Make sure to speak with an attorney regarding the case, as it is beneficial for securing a good amount of compensation without legal issues. 

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