Ethics of Endorsement in Nursing


Nursing in the health care profession is known for the utmost service of hospitality and on top of its patient support is the most essential factor for nursing in many countries especially in Australia, the U.S, the U.K, Canada and etc.  They become the voice for the patients in collaborating with doctors or for their self-care assistance. However, to get into this patient-centered care, nurses should acquire the powerful communicational skills as to be part of the explanatory individual for doctors, patients, and mainly specialists.

In many cases due to the patient’s susceptibility, they might not be able to express their absurd needs or emergencies or due to the lack of medical knowledge/ procedures as well they may not convey appropriately to the doctors, in that juncture a nurse has to play a major key role between the doctor and patient as an interlocutor or the advisory being to the patient itself in their primary personal care.  A survey found that in 2011 there were massive infections that occurred in a hospital due to the negligence of their staff for which the hospital has to pay the claims of £2.4bn as much of it can be allayed to the patient endorsement.    

So, we need to understand the importance of endorsement is to deal with the patients in the first place. It can be the endorsement to the patient’s rights, safety, and health they portray upon. Many nursing associations now entrenched this endorsement into their codes and ethics to nurture it in their students.  Endorsement or advocacies have a wider range of approaches as that can be showing empathy to the patients while being friendly in an objective base to loom wherein another case, it can be the challenging stand or decision to the doctor or specialist who does not care the right of the patient and the nurse can be the center for providing the right to the patient. It can often become difficult for a nurse to stand by or be an endorsing person to any patient because they may have a hierarchy at their place.

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Till now we have seen about what is an endorsement in nursing but now let us see the challenges faced by the nurses in getting these endorsement ethics. As we all know there are many migrants for these nursing positions who are nonnative speakers of English. So, for them to get into the organization and work in a squad where the doctors, specialists, colleagues, or patients from different places and continents come together to work and will have different accents and styles of speaking. To get along with these all members the language speaking ability, expressing the thoughts and critical thinking are essential factors. Every individual in a hospital who works will have their own roles and responsibilities but the nurses need to go an extra mile to have this endorsement skill and speak boldly. At times they need to take independent decisions that are in case of a doctor’s absence to advocate the patient’s necessities closely and craft care plans or discuss with the patients about their concerns is also a required task for this profession. 

To conclude we can say that, if you want to become a perfect endorsed person for nursing then you need to develop the skills which are obligatory for it. This can be taught through OET especially in the speaking module as they want a perfect endorsed nursing staff, for that assistance approach a tutor to guide and help you with all kinds of voice modulations, and intonations and also exemplify in all the required areas of speaking through the role-play practices which is needed to be learned as a baby step initially. 

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Note: Learn or Acquire these skills to be a beneficiary for yourself and to the organization.  

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