Experiencing Dry Eyes Issues? Here is the Handy Guide to Soothe Them


The majority of people experience the problem of dry eyes, which cause exponential irritation, blurred vision, and excess watering issues. When our tear glands fail to bring forth a considerable number of tears, no lubrication is produced in our eyes. As a result, the eyes become dry. It gives you immense pain, which is quite knotty to combat. Henceforth, one should never leave it untreated; instead, find a regimen to enhance the health of their eyes. 

There are copious ways to address the dry eyes issue, but one of the best is to use the best eyewear brand. Be it eyeglasses, contact lenses, or sunglasses; you should purchase them from a renowned brand ensuring impactable quality. Besides, the top-notch quality defends your eyes from pollution and dirt. Additionally, we have developed a handy guide to keep your eyes away from the dryness. Let’s get started: 

  1. Meticulous care of eyelids and lashes: Eyelashes and eyelids need special care as it’s pretty sensitive. You should prefer applying either baby shampoo with warm water or any branded eyelid cleaner to clean the eyelids precisely. Furthermore, you can damp the towel in hot water and compress it on the upper and lower eyelids. This gives you relaxation, and moisture in the eyes will be back again. 
  2. Frequently Blinking Exercise: As per the research of the Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, frequent blinking of the eyes stimulates healthier eyes. It opens up the glands of our eyes. Practice this exercise, especially if you are working on digital screens. 
  3. Incorporate Fatty Acid Rich Diet: One must intake a considerable amount of Omega-3. It is considered the best to enhance gland functions, producing tears. Moreover, it is also highly recommended by the American Association of Ophthalmology to alleviate the dryness in the eyes. So, how do you increase the consumption of Omega-3? Here is the food that is rich in it:
  • Mackerel
  • Flaxseed
  • Walnuts
  • Ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil
  • Eggs
  • Soybean Oil 
  1. 7 to 8 Hours of Sleep: Did you know that approximately 45% of dry-eyed patients had poor sleep quality? One has to sleep enough to avoid the risk of dry eye disease (DED). Sleeping disorders and the dry eye can lead you to frustration, headache, and massive problems while reading, working on digital screens, watching, and much more. In addition, short sleep has also been linked with copious health issues like type-2 diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, and cardiovascular diseases.
  2.  Drink Plenty Amount of Water: The more you drink water, the more lubrication will be in your eyes which further leads to the production of tears. Consequently, the dryness will shun away. This way, your eyes stay hydrated and can quickly blink, enabling you to work comfortably on digital screens. 
  3. Lubricate Dry Eyes with Artificial Tears: One should always have the right eye drop to ward off the dryness completely. Its single drop gives ample moisture to the outer surface of the eyes. Nonetheless, buy it after the consultation with your eye specialist; otherwise, it may lead to some infection. 
  4. Prefer Wear Sunglasses: There are numerous sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, dryness, dirt, and much more. You can consider Lenskart to buy the luxury eyewear brand of sunglasses at a price worth its value.
  5. Step Away from Dusty Environment: It can be the primary reason for eye dryness if you live in low humidity and dusty environment. The smoking environment can cause excess eye dryness, redness, and irritation. 
  6. Develop Moist Air with the Humidifier: Various home heating systems in the houses make our home’s surroundings dry, resulting in dry eyes too. Therefore, using the Humidifier works the best in the winter season as you can develop the moist air in the surrounding. Furthermore, you can also use the radiator by placing the pan of water on it to add water to the air. 
  7. Shuns Away from Smoking & Alcohol Habits: Too much consumption of alcohol can adversely affect the health of your eyes and cause dryness disease. While smoking is also another primary reason for dryness as it brings bring-forth noxious substances. As a result, it causes several eye issues. 

Significant Reasons for Dry Eyes 

The most prevalent reason for the dryness in the eyes is no lubrication in the eyeballs with enough tears. It can be because of environmental factors and medical conditions. Besides, there are several more reasons explained below: 

  • Nasal decongestants medications.
  • Acne medication
  • Antihistamines medication
  • Hormone therapy and oral contraceptives medication
  • Excessive use of contact lenses
  • Smoking 
  • Deficiencies of Vitamin
  • Diabetes 
  • Not enough blinking due to prolonged working on digital screen time. 

If eye dryness is getting worse day by day, you should consult an eye-specialist doctor and adhere to the recommended prescription. Otherwise, it may lead to some severe issues. 

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