Why Do Expectant Parents Prefer Private Cord Blood Banking?


During your pregnancy, the umbilical cord, (a tub-like structure) connects you to your baby, physically and emotionally. The umbilical cord carries the all-essential nutrients and oxygen for the baby via the placenta and the cord blood.

Earlier, however, it was a common practice to treat the umbilical cord as medical waste, after a baby’s delivery. With the advent of cord blood banking and stem cell therapy, cord blood, a rich source of blood-forming stem cells is used to treat perilous diseases, long after the baby’s birth. Cord blood stem cells are also capable of treating over 80 life-threatening diseases like cancer (lymphoma and leukaemia), inherited metabolic disorders, and immune system problems. The treatment of Fanconi Anaemia, in the year 1988 is still considered the first successful cord blood stem cell transplant.

Knowing this power of stem cells more and more expecting parents like you want to store their baby’s stem cells. In fact, they also have the option of choosing public or private cord blood banking. While in Public Cord Blood Banks, you can donate your baby’s stem cells, and sign away your rights to the bank, in Private Cord Blood Banks, all you have to do is pay a nominal price to store your baby’s stem cells, they will take the entire responsibility from collection to cryopreservation.

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The Best Private Banks Are In Business For Long

Choose bank that has been in the business, preferably for decades. Go for big brands, who operate in several countries, have their own laboratory, and are pioneers in their field. They are so because of their knowledge and expertise, high-quality services, and unmatched commitment when it comes to your baby’s stem cell preservation. Additionally, they offer complete health protection not just for your baby, but also for your entire family. Hence, they are stable and can be trusted.


Accreditations mean that the cord blood banks are certified by national and international quality management bodies, who check whether they are complying with rigorous quality standards, medical protocols and operational efficiency, while they are processing and preserving your precious little’s precious stem cells. Some of the relevant accreditations are American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), Drug Controller General India (DCGI), and College of American Pathologist (CAP) to name a few. So, when you choose stem cell bank, ensure that it has been structurally audited and rewarded by these authorised bodies. This will build on trust.

Used Advanced Technology For Processing

Isolation of the stem cells is the most crucial step for a cord blood bank. And some reputed companies use modern and automated technologies for isolating or processing the stem cells, thus ensuring zero possibility of manual accuracy and maximum recovery of viable stem cells, before they are preserved. So, go for a bank, which uses cutting-edge technology, for processing your baby’s stem cells.

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Transportation Liability

Choose a company that will take the complete responsibility to collect and deliver the sample in time and in good condition at the transplant centre. But, in case the stem cells somehow get damaged during the transportation, this company should either provide an alternative sample or a monetary compensation.

They Are Insured

Last but not least go for stem cell banking company with an insurance policy, which will cover the transplantation cost for you.

They Are A Little On The Higher Side

As expecting parents, it is not unnatural that you would want to give the best to your baby, who is on the way. But, it’s also natural to keep the costs in mind. Therefore, look for a cord blood banking company, which will not charge you very highly. 

Cordlife India is the largest network of cord blood banks in Asia, has everything mentioned above to bank your trust upon. In fact, with an aim to provide 360-degree protection for your baby and your entire family, Cordlife tries to stay in the forefront of science. So, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is your one chance to secure your baby and your family for a healthy future.

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