International Mother Language Day 2022 Date, Theme, History, Significance, Importance, Celebration Activities, and More


International Mother Language Day 2022 Date, Theme, History, Significance, Importance, Celebration Activities: World Mother Language Day is celebrated by UNESCO every year on 21 February. This year i.e. in 2022, International Mother Language Day will be celebrated on Monday, February 21, 2022. The purpose of celebrating this is to make people recognize the importance of their language. Language reflects the identity of a person.

International Mother Language Day 2022 Theme

Using technology for multilingual learning: Challenges and opportunities

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The government gave Bengali the status of an official language of East Pakistan in 1956. Although Bangladesh gained independence in 1971, February 21 is still declared a national holiday in the country and International Mother Language Day is celebrated. The foundation of International Mother Language Day was laid by the students’ movement in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1952. In this movement, students organized protests and rallies to make their mother tongue Bangla the national language. After the partition of India and Pakistan, the Pakistani government declared Urdu the national language of East Pakistan and West Pakistan. The people of East Pakistan fought and made sacrifices for their mother tongue.

Significance, and Importance

On this day, with the aim of promoting linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism all over the world, International Mother Language Day is organized to attract people’s attention to their mother tongues and to bring awareness about their language in them. Mother tongue is the language spoken by a man from childhood till death. Our mother tongue is the language spoken in the family. Language is a medium of communication through which we exchange our thoughts and to whom we put our minds. Which not only expresses in word form but also clarifies emotion.

Celebration Activities, and More

Today’s high-level education, mobile, social media have separated mother tongue from people and children. First of all the mother has to know what is her mother tongue. Today’s young generation spends more time on mobile. Due to this neither he is unable to spend time with his family members. Because of this, the knowledge of mother tongue is not being done. Mother tongue originates from the mother tongue. In today’s time, the need for technical and knowledge through English medium has increased in newspapers and courses. Every day 20 to 25 languages ​​are disappearing in the country. There are more than 1000 methods of study of Vedas by experts. But among them, only 11 Veda systems have survived. The reason is lack of knowledge of mother tongue.

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