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The passion for bodybuilding and acquiring lean muscle mass will be an essential hobby for many. So, whether you are an amateur who loves fitness or a professional bodybuilder, you must be aware that achieving a muscular and ripped physique is not a piece of cake. Steroids are popular agents used by bodybuilders to gain a bulky body shape, but steroids have numerous adverse effects on the body. So, to avoid the side effects associated with steroids, bodybuilders shifted to SARMs. SARMs obtained a sizeable recognition and soaring popularity in the market. 

SARMs are different from anabolic steroids but offer exact outcomes. For a long time, the popularity of SARMs has been rising steadily. Bodybuilders prefer SARMs over steroids as they are equally powerful and have comparatively few side effects than steroids. SARMs have helped many bodybuilders and fitness lovers achieve their dream physique. SARMs only take a few months to transform the body, making them extremely popular among bodybuilders. In the article, we will be discussing everything related to SARMs. 

What are SARMs?

SARMs are a category of androgen receptor binding molecule (androgen receptor ligands) that sustain some of the desirable impact of androgens in the body. The Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are analogous to steroids, but they do not possess the side effects associated with steroids. Both SARMs and steroids function by binding the androgen receptors in the body and producing modifications in the DNA for enhanced muscle growth. 

However, steroids act like blunt tools that can hamper other body parts and may cause adverse side effects like severe hair loss, prostate issues, and acne. On the other hand, SARMs selectively affect the tissues of the muscles and prevent chain reactions to other body parts. 

In short, SARMs work in a way that only binds the androgen receptors in the body and signals the building of more muscles and shedding unnecessary fat in the body. However, SARMs are not approved for consumption by the FDA to date, and their long-term influence on the body is largely unknown. SARMs medications have been circulating in the market as nutritional and fitness supplements since 1993. They are preferred over steroids as they are safer and produce a few side effects in individuals. 

What are the most popular SARMs?

A few prominent examples of SARMs are, 

  • RAD140
  • Ostarine MK-2866 or GTx-024
  • LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)
  • Andarine
  • MK 677
  • Cardarine (GW 50156)
  • YK11

How do SARMs work?

SARMs promote muscle development by combining with male hormone receptors. They work similarly to testosterone. Some SARMs produce results identical to each other, while some have specific use. SARMs are specifically designed to bind particular receptors in the tissues. Each SARM is compounded to influence specific tissues, so if you need to consume them according to your need. 

For instance, RAD140 SARMs can deliver better results for bulking up the body than Ligandrol. The compounds in RAD140 induce the development of new muscle tissues. On the other hand, Ligandrol is more suited for individuals dealing with bone density problems. So, compounds in Ligandrol have a specific purpose of mitigating muscle wasting issues instead of inducing muscle growth. 

Benefits of SARMs

SARMs offer significant benefits to those who wish to develop muscles and lose fats in a short time. Therefore, the large portion of the population that consumes SARMs the most are generally bodybuilders and fitness lovers. However, SARMs are not encouraged among athletes, and if an athlete gets caught with a positive SARM drug test, they may face severe action from the authorities. But if you are not a professional athlete and wish to build an attractive physique, you can consume SARMs at an adequate amount. 

We have listed below a few benefits delivered by all of the SARMs varieties, 

  • SARMs evidently enhance the muscle mass in the body. 
  • It helps in improving athletic performance and induces extra strength in muscles. However, you would not want to get caught using SARMs for performance enhancement. 
  • It provides a quick solution to rapid fat loss within a couple of months. Shredding fats become a lot easier with SARMs.
  • SARMs have been tested to promote endurance and strength of body muscles. SARMs are a perfect gym partner for bodybuilders. 
  • Even though they offer the same benefits as steroids, they do not possess the same adverse side effects as steroids. 

How to follow a SARM cycle?

To get effective results from SARMs, professional bodybuilders and fitness coaches schedule a SARMs cycle process. The SARMs cycle needs to be thoroughly followed to get adequate outcomes. Few steps you need to incorporate in your SARMs cycles plan are,

  • Define your goals
  • Learn your SARMs
  • Schedule your program
  • Monitor the fitness improvement
  • Observe the post-cycle therapy (PCT) 

These simple steps can yield efficient results in muscle building and weight loss via the help of SARMs. Stick to the plan and modify the steps whenever needed to suit your purpose. 

Defining the goals for the consumption of the SARMs is the first task of your plan. You need to prepare a proper strategy for the outcome you want to reach within a specified time. What do you wish to obtain by the end of your SARMs plan? You can go for a muscle gain plan, a weight loss plan, or even both. Your strategy will determine which type of SARMs your schedule requires to achieve a suitable outcome. 

The next step involves looking for the SARMs that fit your objective. From the different varieties of SARMs, it may be tough to choose the one suitable for you. But you can always take the help of the internet, professionals, and experts about SARMs, and various SARMs selling stores to obtain information about the product. After selecting a SARM for your plan, the next step involves scheduling the program. You have to set a suitable meal plan, a training regime, an adequate SARMs dosage, and a post cycle therapy. The last step involves monitoring your health and observing the post-cycle therapy to view the improvements in your physique. 


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