Let’s Write an Essay Beyond the Basics


An essay is one of the essential parts of education from primary to high school levels. However, this task demands a few skills, which makes lots of students overwhelmed and they ultimately avoid writing essays. It includes decent writing and grammar competence and skills to describe things.

Nevertheless, if you are amongst those stressed students who look for assistance on how to write an essay or ask frequently “how to do my essay”, you’ve reached the right place. Here, I will take you through three steps that you can follow to make your essay more organized and attractive.

So, let’s write an essay for you!

Stepwise Process to Write a Compelling Essay

I understand that the teacher sometimes assigns the most boring topic to write an essay on. Imagine the student, who already hates writing an essay, gets a topic like this. So, to make this fascinating, follow the procedure mentioned below and uplift your grades.

You can all start this by dividing your paragraph into three parts and concentrating on each step one by one to write an essay efficiently.

Step I: An Introduction

The introduction is the opening of an essay in which you clearly present your topic and depict what your topic is about and what would be the point to highlight in it. In the introduction, you discuss the subject matter. Remember, an introduction is considered the backbone of the whole essay that should be well-written, precise, and reader-oriented.

Most students intermix words with each other making the sentence ambiguous. Therefore, it is suggested to keep the phrase short and clear.  Also, it has been found that while writing an introduction, students get a clear path on how to compose their essays.

Step II: The Body Paragraphs

All the middle paragraphs between the introduction and the conclusion are called the body paragraphs, in which the rest of the details and all points of an essay are explained. If your essay contains multiple subject matters, enlist them in your mind and identify the most significant, topic-relevant, and strongest point, and begin your first paragraph with it.

Additionally, try to add some creativity in your writing. Show instead of telling and describing things more in detail. For instance, if you want to describe a vacant room, you could elaborate it in a way, “the door opened with a resounding echo that seemed to fill the house. Cobwebs once attached flowed freely in the air. The light gave notice to the peeling paint on the walls. Torn and faded white bed sheets covered once new furniture is now filled with dust.”

Further, once you believe that you have elaborated your first point, do not start the next claim from the same paragraph. Remember, each point should be begun with a new paragraph. Although try to organize your paragraphs accordingly and derive each of your claims from the prior one.

Besides, use transition words to connect phrases and paragraphs with one another. These pieces of vocabulary help in creating your essay more attractive and creative. Concisely, they help the reader from moving one argument to another. These words include, however, besides, moreover, nevertheless, in fact, additionally, and a lot more. Yet, if you have no idea about these words, search for transition words and add a few to your vocabulary.

Bear in mind, that all of the claims discussed in your essay should be rational and consistent that is understandable for the reader as well. Avoid giving incomplete arguments that might leave the reader muddled. If you are discussing anything, give proper reference and logic.

Step III: The Conclusion

In the end, comes the conclusion or the summary of the whole essay. In this paragraph, you are supposed to sum up all the points you discussed in your paper. When you are wrapping up all arguments, make sure to use the simplest language and keep the phrases precise.

If you are writing an opinion-based or a compare-and-contrast essay, it is highly appreciated to give your viewpoint in the end. You can tell which side you liked the best or what you think about the argument. It helps the reader a lot to comprehend the entire essay in a clearer way.

Final Words

I hope you find this content helpful to write an effective essay by following this procedure. Breaking down anything extended makes it easier to manage, so is the case with an essay. When you divide your essay into three parts and pay equal concentration, it would end up becoming a high-quality piece of content.

However, do not bother from making mistakes repeatedly. Mistakes are the most effective lesson a person learns from. But try to overcome these errors. Moreover, keep developing your writing and grammar skills and elevate your performance in essay writing.


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