Looking for Online Men’s Shirts? Here are Some Trends to Look For


Trends in the sartorial world are frequently changing. The best of the brands are consistently looking for new concepts and unique designs to ensure maximum popularity among fashion fanatics and the common population. When it comes to men’s shirts, designers need to strike the perfect balance and curate designs that would be widely accepted. 

If you’re looking for online men’s shirts, you need to ensure you make the best buy. Easier said than done, the high degree of competition has made it exceptionally hard for most men to buy a shirt online. In this article, we look at a few online men’s shirt trends that will help you make a high-quality purchase. 


  • Floral prints: While print shirts have been in the market since 1975, they have still not lost their charm. As one of the most unique picks in the casual world, floral shirts can elevate your wardrobe and help you style in more unique ways than one. You can seamlessly style it with your favourite denim or chinos to stay comfortable and stylish in most casual environments. 
  • Stripes: Vertical stripes have been a timeless piece of apparel for all the right reasons. They are expected to rule the trend charts in 2022 as well. We would recommend you invest in a high-grade fabric for a luxurious fit that is also good for the long haul. 
  • Checks: Looking for something that would work at the workplace and at a Sunday brunch? Checks are something you can rely on without any second thought. Go for a design that aligns with your personality and style it with your favourite trousers or denim.
  • Shackets: A popular pick for winters. Shackets have become a popular trend due to their cozy fit and design. You can style it over your favourite t-shirt for a trendy attire that is comfortable and warm


  • Slim fit: With gyms and fitness activities becoming widely accepted across age groups, slim fit shirts have become a popular pick for most. Pick a slim-fit online men’s shirt this year, and you’re all set for all your casual and semi-formal gatherings. 
  • Classic fit: You can never go wrong with a classic fit shirt. When looking for online men’s shirts, fit is one of the primary considerations. It will define how the formal or casual shirt would fit your body. One of the best things about a classic fit is that it is suitable for everyone. 

Apart from the trends mentioned above, you can also look at some more details to ensure the best buy. Collars are one thing you need to be sure of before making a purchase. While you cannot go wrong with the conventional straight collars, we would recommend you explore mandarin or camp collars to add a bit of exclusivity to your wardrobe. 

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The Final Step

So, now you have a clear idea of what is trending in the market. Before you add to your cart, it is best to research the best brands to make sure you get your hands on the best quality fabrics and designs. Our recommendation would be for you to trust a premium fashion brand when looking for online men’s shirts. 

Andaman is a name you can count on. They have a refined collection of ethically crafted homegrown menswear that is sure to add sophistication to your wardrobe. You can explore their premium shirt collection to get access to a host of timeless designs and fits. Explore their website and place an order to get a first-order benefit, free shipping, and a sixty-day return guarantee. 

So, fill your wardrobe with trendy shirts and be at your fashion best on any occasion!

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