5 Things to Know Before Moving to Jacksonville, FL


Many people look to Florida to ride out their retirement lives. You don’t have to be retired to move to Florida. Some folks are looking for beachy weather and southern living. Here is the lowdown on what to know before moving to Jacksonville. 

There’s Job Growth

Jacksonville is a huge city, one of the largest in the country. Many big cities have more populations, but Jacksonville is one of the biggest by area. There are almost 1 million residents in Jacksonville and it continues to grow. Businesses are moving in and that brings jobs for locals and those hoping to move to the area. The growing markets in this area have been financial services, manufacturing, and distribution. 

Economic development for Jacksonville continues to grow. It can only be beneficial to the community and its residents. It would be the perfect place to transfer to or start a new position. Maybe you can even score an oceanfront view from your office!

Tons of Military

Service members from across the board have seen their times in Jacksonville. There are three Naval bases in Jacksonville. These bases contribute to the booming job growth in the area. The military bases are the largest employer in the area. The Navy operates a submarine base, air station, and port out of Jacksonville. Additionally, there is Blout Island Command which is a Marine Corps Logistics Base. The Florida Air National Guard operates out of the Jacksonville International Airport and the Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville operates on the St. Johns River.

Beautiful Communities

Sometimes when we think of living by the ocean, we think of those beautiful white-walled stucco homes with pillars on pillars. They match perfectly with the background of the blue ocean and bright sandy beaches. And sometimes these places exist in real life. These places exist in Jacksonville. There are some truly decadent homes scattered throughout the city. 

From the high-class beachfronts of Neptune Beach to the perfect bungalow homes of Yulee – you’re bound to find your family’s dream home somewhere here. If you’re looking for more of a renter’s dream, you can always check out the Jacksonville apartments for rent.

Affordable City Living

Any large cities usually see higher costs of food, rent, and other necessities. And anyone who lives in a pretty populous city knows that this is just par for the course. Cities are always more expensive in one way or another and those that love city life expect this. However, sometimes you luck out with a city that isn’t too pricy. Jacksonville is an immense international figure in finances, commercial flight, and mass manufacturing. It is an integral and integrated city, yet the affordability among others like Jacksonville ranks above average.

Groceries and utilities are among the national average. You save money on individual income tax in Florida because there isn’t one. In addition to savings in those areas, the average rental rates remain reasonable at about $1,500 a month.

Activities for Days

Although we mentioned this more than once, Jacksonville is a great place for those who love beaches and the ocean. Half of the city is on the water and there are about 1,100 miles of navigable water. This means that Jacksonville has more shoreline than any other city in the United States. There’s no argument that Jacksonville is the nation’s top destination for beach lovers. 

In addition to miles of beach fun, plan to visit the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, the Catty Shack Sanctuary, and the Museum of Science and History. These are all perfect for families of all ages. There’s almost an endless supply of fun in the city. You can check out the restaurant scene with local culinary grub. Grab a unique and homemade piece of anything at the Riverside Arts Market after all this fun. 

Plenty more makes Jacksonville a great place to call home. Book a vacation and see the city yourself! Leave with a tan or become a regular. You can always check out the real estate when you’re in the area and possibly become a Florida retiree one day.

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