Check Out These Different Types of Boats Before Buying One!


Man-powered boats are propelled by human power, where the hands or feet are the primary sources of power. Hands are used to operate the boat’s oars, paddles, or poles, while the feet are for the pedals and a treadle or crank. Buoyancy plays a significant role in most man-powered boats as it helps maintain the boat’s position relative to the surface of the water. Plus, a strong anchor like 1500 x3, in order to keep it steady in place in deep water bodies.

Is your boat losing its purpose to take you to your destination or favorite fishing spot? Then it’s time to look for boats for sale near me! Whether you need a pre-loved or a new one, it’s essential to be an informed boater. We’ll help you explore different boat types to decide which one is the best for you.

Types of Boats

It’s impossible to list all of the different types of boats available as there are many types out there. You need to find the one that not only suits your taste but also caters to your needs. Boats are classified into three (3) primary categories:

Man-Powered Boats

Man-powered boats are propelled by human power, where the hands or feet are the primary sources of power. Hands are used to operate the boat’s oars, paddles, or poles, while the feet are for the pedals and a treadle or crank. Buoyancy plays a significant role in most man-powered boats as it helps maintain the boat’s position relative to the surface of the water.

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Sailing differs from boating when referring to activities. While sailors originally made these boats to establish traditional trade routes, they are exclusively used nowadays for recreational activities. Meanwhile, boating revolves around other general activities.

A majority of sailboats are powered by wind and sails. Most sailboats have large sails, with some having elaborate decorations to make them stand out. They also vary in size, though generally are smaller and easier to maintain than a powerboat.


These engine-powered boats are also widely known as speedboats or powerboats. Some motorboats have inboard engines. While others possess an outboard motor installed in the rear, which roughly contains the propeller, the internal combustion engine, and the gearbox gathered in one portable unit.

10 Major Types of Boats

This section will break down ten popular types of boats used worldwide. Depending on location, climate, or the most accessible body of water, different boats work better than others. Check out virtrifrigo

1. Fishing Boats

Fishing boats, either man-powered or not, are specifically built for fishing. Different sizes are available to accommodate both salt and freshwater bodies. A fishing boat should be stable, strong, and durable to withstand harsh weather conditions across various waterways.

A fishing boat generally includes an outboard power, a front bow, a trolling motor system, rod lockers, and live wells. Most of the fishing boats in the offshore environment are taller in size. Aluminum fishing boats weigh less but are sturdy. Meanwhile, bass boats have slim profiles and can carry 2-3 anglers on board.

2. Dinghy Boats

Dinghies are also known as sailboats, rowboats, or inflatables. These are commonly powered by sails and oars with small outboard engines. Cross thwarts that act as seats and rowlocks as oars are usually found in these rubber inflatables.

These come in handy, especially when the mothership cannot navigate narrow areas. A dingy boat can also be used as a companion boat in camping expeditions and shallow water fishing.

3. Deck Boats

A deck boat is for you if you’re into recreational activities like swimming and water sports! Deck boats, featured in a V-shaped hull, have an open deck area, providing plenty of seats for a small group of people. A deck boat is generally fueled with a stern power drive.

4. Bowrider Boats

A quintessential family boat, or a bowrider boat, provides room for eight or more passengers over its cockpit, bow cockpit, and helm. The bow area in these boats is uniquely constructed to allow a spacious seating arrangement. You can find a swim platform for putting on wakeboards in these vessels.

Bowrider boats utilize a sterndrive power with a classic V-shaped bottom, offering an imposing ride across different waterways.

5. Catamaran Boats

Catamaran boats are composed with a shallower draft, a less hull volume, and higher displacement than vessels featuring a single hull. These outstanding multi-hulled watercraft are ideal for fishing purposes and recreational cruising activities.

6. Cuddy Cabins Boats

Suppose you’re looking into a family-friendly vessel excellent for fishing, yachting, and other water sports. In that case, a cuddy cabin boat is the one! These vessels are usually built from either fiberglass or aluminum, with a minimum length of around 4.75 meters. These boats typically feature a closed deck atop the boat’s bow, allowing a convenient space for easy navigation.

7. Center Console Boats

Unlike other boats mentioned above, center console boats feature a hull without a cabin or a foredeck and the helm station. And yet, center consoles are exceptional fishing platforms perfect for offshore waterways in the school of ocean fish.

Center consoles consist of essential equipment such as bait wells, gunwale rod holders, outriggers, and fish lockers. Moreover, the deck has effective insulation, ideal for icing the fish storage.

8. Houseboats

Are you, perhaps, looking for a boat that presents the luxury of living on the water? Houseboats, also known as float houses, offer outstanding recreational and holiday accommodation facilities. These vessels are available in different shapes and sizes, featuring broad flooring and modern amenities. These features are ideal for fine dining, entertainment, and proper sleeping arrangements.

Houseboats provide recreational activities for relaxed cruising, water sports, and family sailing, to name a few. Some houseboats are motorized, while some are powerless as they are usually kept stationary.

9. Trawler Boats

Trawler boats are exceptional fuel-efficient engines utilized for long-range cruising activities. Smoothly maneuvering through different waterways, trawlers do not exhaust much horsepower or consume excessive fuel. On top of that, modern facilities are also featured aboard the boat.

10. Cabin Cruiser Boats

You can find all the essential features of a home in a cabin cruiser boat. These boats are equipped with heaters, air conditioners, vitrifrigo refrigerators, and power generators. Aside from the deep-V bottom, cabin cruisers offer a secure draft drive mechanism with rudder steering, excellent for saltwater cruising.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Boat

Being informed of the different types of boats will lead you to the boat you and your family deserve. All while enjoying the benefits of owning one without worrying whether or not you’re making the right buying decision. We’ve made a quick list to help you find out the things to consider investing in a boat:

  • The budget goes beyond owning a boat so prepare yourself for monthly maintenance.
  • What is the size of the boat that you want, how and where will you use it?
  • Do you want a new or a pre-loved boat? Both have their set of pros and cons, so consider this factor carefully.
  • Research storage options and calculate your usage.
  • Don’t overlook and strictly follow the process to avoid more problems in the future.
  • Plan a budget on buying boat accessories. Depending on what you need, some accessories may also require regular maintenance.
  • Like many other investments, it’s essential to have your boat appropriately insured.

Final Words

Purchasing a boat is an investment you must think carefully about. Never compromise the durability of the boat and the safety of everyone on board. Always consider what’s included in your boat and think ahead of the future that awaits you as a boater. When everything is put to place, you and your family can enjoy and make memories out in the waters.


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