Turquoise gemstone jewelry: Why is it so popular and always trending?


The lure of gemstone jewelry is incomparable to any other kind of accessory. It fascinates fashion lovers that an outfit remains incomplete without a gem accessory that adds much-needed glamour and defined colour to the look. All crystals have their unique features for which they are known. Some have got brilliant lustre while some execute a rare dull glow; some captivate with their unique texture while some are blessed with different colour patterns. Gems are also known for their metaphysical features, and our ancestors saw this and used these crystals to enhance the quality of life. The royal ancestors were so fascinated with the gem that their crowns were studded with these marvellous creations of nature. One of the oldest gems, Turquoise has been loved for its fascinating colour and wonderful healing properties.

Turquoise jewelry has always been in the top trending gemstone jewelry. Turquoise is a favourite of gem collectors. It comes in blue, green, bluish-green, and yellowish-green shades. It is generally opaque and might have brown or black color inclusions on its body. These are called matrices and look amazing in the gemstone. When buying turquoise accessories, you will come across a variety of designs. But there are never enough patterns when it comes to this particular gem. It has a great demand in the market, and the customers are always looking for something new. As a retailer, you want to know where you can get a wide variety of accessories patterns. Rananjay Exports has a vast collection of turquoise jewelry in classic and modern themes.

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Physical properties of the gem:

The crystal has a hardness of 5-6 on the Mohs scale. It can be used for everyday wear with a protective setting. Since Turquoise ring are the most in-demand, look for a bezel setting in the accessories to protect the crystal. The stones with intense colors are most prized, so a strong sky-blue color is desirable. A variety in the hues is always appreciated to choose from, and since all the shades are admired, you can also go for the mixed hues. The one that has a web of black or brown colored veins on its body is called a ‘Spider web’ turquoise and is known for its interesting patterns. 

Where does the gemstone occur?

Where does the gemstone occur?

The beautiful gem occurs in the Mojave Desert of California, Arizona, New Mexico, the Cerrillos Hills near Santa Fe, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah. Mines are also located in Australia, England, Germany, France, Siberia, Chile, and China. The Native Americans mined the gem many centuries ago and had so many beliefs regarding the stone.

Beliefs related to the stone in different tribes

  • The Zunis in New Mexico believed that the gemstone saved them from the harmful energies and demons.
  • According to the Navajos, the gemstone was magical and had fallen from the sky.
  • Apache warriors wore the gemstone believing it improved their hunting skills.
  • It is also a widespread belief that the gemstone changes color to indicate any coming danger.

The gem brings good luck.

Turquoise will bring the wearer good fortune and happiness. The soothing color of the gem also makes it a calming stone. It is often related to tranquility and gifted to loved ones going through any stress in their lives.

The gem with a modern appeal in the jewelry

Turquoise is one of the oldest gems; still, when studded in accessories, it has a modern appeal. The boho look of Turquoise bracelets attracts many and Turquoise necklaces are known for their statement appeal. Turquoise pendants also create a beautiful contrast in the overall look. 

The gem is usually given a cabochon shape that highlights its color and waxy luster better. Large cocktails sizes are considered for Turquoise earrings that can bring liveliness to any outfit. Turquoise studs are also preferred for their everyday jewelry look. 

How to take care of the gemstone jewelry?

Every gem demands some special care. It is advised that you keep Turquoise accessories away from extreme heat and harsh chemicals. Take your jewelry off while going for strenuous exercise or a hot water bath.

Where to buy genuine gemstone accessories?

Finding genuine gem accessories can be a task as so many options in the market. But as your jewelry guide, I will advise you to check out Rananjay Exports as they have the best authentic wholesale gemstone jewelry. Their accessories are designed in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. You can also get your jewelry customized and earn rewards and benefits while shopping from them.

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