National Anti-Terrorism Day 2021: Quotes, Images, and Poster to Share

National Anti-Terrorism Day 2021: Quotes, Images, and Poster to Share: Terrorism has become one of the biggest enemy of humanity. Anti-Terrorism Day is celebrated every year to defeat this enemy by spreading awareness between people about Terrorism, Its harms, and by stoping youth to enter this hell or Terrorist World. Because Terrorist organizations target youth through different ways to include them in their organizations. As the Coronavirus is everywhere and that’s why this year the government is not able to host any informative program, so awaring more to more people on this Anti-Terrorism Day is our responsibility now.

So, if you are ready to help the government by spreading Anti-Terrorism related Quotes, Images, Poster through the use of Social Media platforms, So if you’re searching for National Anti-Terrorism Day Quotes, Images, and Poster, then here you’re at the perfect website for this, Today we are here with “National Anti-Terrorism Day 2021: Quotes, Images, and Poster to Share” You can use these Quotes, Images, and Poster to spread awareness to more-to-more people.

Anti-terrorism Day Quotes, and Images

Anti-Terrorism Day Quotes

“This place does not feel like my country. It feels like countries I have read about where things are very bad. It feels, in fact, like exactly the kind of thing we were protesting against, but we thought it was elsewhere. It is not heartening to find that it has come to us.”
― Nick Harkaway,

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National Anti-Terrorism Day

Killing innocent people in the name of God is the highest insult to God. – Amit Ray


Anti-Terrorism Day Quotes

“The multifaceted nature of the strong points of the enemy in this brutal warfare calls for nothing less than a global scale collaborative response that is stubbornly radical, yet humanely civil.”
― Ray Anya

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