World Environment Day 2021: WhatsApp Status Video Download

World Environment Day 2021 WhatsApp Status Video Download: Humans have exploited their environment the most in the blind race of development, the results of which are now visible. The problem of global warming and pollution is getting worse day by day. This is the reason why World Environment Day is organized every year on 5th June with the aim of making people aware of nature. The purpose of this event is to make people aware and sensitive about nature. You can participate directly or indirectly in this event.

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Save the cover of the earth, let’s save the environment.
By planting green plants, decorate the earth like a bride. Happy World Environment Day!

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All the intellectuals are worried today, how do we save our environment?
Some say plant new trees, some say save them.
Happy World Environment Day!

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You will not save water, remember you will repent
Dry river, dry head,
Don’t waste water.

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Our happiness is hidden in the greenery of trees and plants.
Whoever destroys the trees and plants like this,
There will be less oxygen and there will be trouble in breathing.
Happy World Environment Day 2021!

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You destroy the house of birds by cutting trees,
You spread environmental pollution and you also yearn to get them,
Have some shame now,
Do some good deeds by planting trees.
Happy World Environment Day

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