World War Orphans Day 2022 Theme, History, Significance, Importance, Activities, and More


World War Orphans Day 2022 Theme, History, Significance, Importance, Activities: World War Orphans Day is observed globally on 6 January every year. The day holds great significance as it aims to raise awareness about the plight of a vulnerable group. World War Orphans Day reminds the world that caring for children in traumatic circumstances is a priority, especially amid the pandemic.

World War Orphans Day 2022 Theme

World War Orphans Day 2022 urges the globe that, especially in the face of the pandemic, caring for children in horrific situations is a responsibility.

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UNICEF believed that more than 9,00,000 children in the Northeast were orphaned during World War II. And his future has been badly affected. Childhood is a golden moment in the lifetime of all of us, where we do not have any stress about anything. We spend this moment of our life very comfortably and happily. On the other hand, millions of children are unable to spend their childhood well due to illness, poverty, war, and other conflicts. The orphaned children had neither education nor food nor home for them. World War Orphan Day was started for such orphaned children so that the future of these children could be secured. To bring them out of mental torture like war and epidemic.

Significance, Importance

The day enables global communities to recognize the plight of a particularly vulnerable group. The purpose of observing it is to contribute in every way towards the bright future of countless children who were orphaned during World War. It has become a growing humanitarian and social crisis around the world. This day ensures the prophecy of the orphans of war. It states that children growing up in orphanages experience emotional, social, and physical barriers.

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