Pant you play like Pant, not like Dhoni or Sehwag!

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These innings will disturb Rishabh Pant very much. Critics will surround them. What kind of a six-master is this which lasted for moments, even made a half-century but the team could not win the match. Moreover, he did not even give the strike to his fellow batsman Shimran Hetmyer, who was hitting long and long sixes very easily.

But, will this criticism be correct? Pant’s identity has been given to give hope to the team in the moments of hope. Winning matches in Test cricket for India in a situation of a hundred times more pressure than IPL.

However, it is also not that you cannot surround Pant. If he is young and has all the shots, then why do he play so much against his nature in T20. The match against Bangalore on Tuesday is no exception. 33 sixes in 20 Tests and a strike rate of around 72. Only 21 sixes in 18 ODIs and 21 sixes in 33 T20 Internationals as well.

What is the issue with Pant?

That means hitting sixes in a Test match is a risky game, so Pant has to hit everyone and hit sixes in the T20 format and in the T20 format where everyone rips sixes against the legendary bowlers from the Aira-Gaira Naththu Khaira veteran, the Pant is absolutely there. Become defensive?

It is not a matter of one day, 1 match or one year. This is such an aspect of Pant’s career that he will have to consider. Even in the IPL, he has played 74 matches, only 105 sixes have come off the bat!

The image of a player like Pant is such that you can expect at least 3 sixes in every match.

Pant is inadvertently not going on the path of Virender Sehwag. Sehwag also comes from Delhi and like Pant, he was also said to be a revolutionary-minded batsman. But, often knowledgeable Sehwag’s Test match image used to consider him a dashing batsman even in white ball.

But, the reality was something else. Sehwag also hit 91 sixes in 104 Tests. His image of aggressive and carefree batsman became such that he completed double and triple centuries in Test cricket by hitting sixes. However, Viru’s bat in the white ball would have calmed down. Only 136 sixes in 251 ODIs and just 16 sixes in 19 T20 matches. Now if we look at Sehwag’s style, then it would seem that this batsman would have set fire to T20. But this did not happen. A total of 106 sixes in an IPL career of 104 matches.

The reason for comparing Sehwag is that Pant is not falling prey to the same theory. Pant does not feel like Sehwag that I can hit sixes under any circumstances at any time.

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