Petrol Prices: Cricketer Gets 5 Liters Of Petrol, Given As Man Of The Match Award

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  • The cricketer got 5 liters of petrol as Samavir
  • This unique award was given in a competition in Bhopal
  • The photo of the award went viral

Petrol and diesel prices in the country are rising day by day. People are discussing rising fuel prices on social media. Now a photo is going hugely viral on social media. In which the cricketer was awarded the Man of the Match award. As a reward, he was given five liters of petrol Was given.

After a cricket match in Bhopal, the player was given five liters of petrol instead of a trophy, a car, or money. The news quickly went viral on social media. In the capital Delhi, a liter of petrol costs Rs 91.17 while in Mumbai it costs Rs 97.57.

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The cricketer who played in Sunday’s match Man of the Match Award Got it, users are reacting strongly to his photo. Not only ordinary cricketers but also famous cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle has shared this photo.

Heard about the competition in Bhopal, where the players got five liters of petrol. “Currently, this award is useful,” Bhogle said.

In many parts of the state, petrol prices have gone beyond Rs 100. Elsewhere, it is Rs 98.

Indian Oil, the country’s largest state-owned fuel supplier, has not changed petrol prices in the metro city for four days in a row. However, for the first time in many parts of the country, prices have gone beyond Rs 100.

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