Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup: A Football Extravaganza


One thing is clear as the countdown to the FIFA world cup 2022 in Qatar begins in earnest. The worldwide soccer extravaganza this year will be unlike any other.

For the first time in the tournament’s 92-year existence, the players wearing protective shin guards and soccer-specific cleats will be battling it out in November and December rather than in the middle of the year. It will also be the largest athletic event ever staged in the Middle East, and it will take place in a conservative, Muslim-majority country. All of this is before taking into account Covid-19.

Tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2022. What do they Cost, and Where can you get Them?

As per the FIFA world cup 2022 schedule, seats for a group-stage match begin at 250 riyals ($68) for international visitors, while Qataris will receive special discounts and can pay as little as 40 riyals. A premium seat for the final on December 18 would cost you back 5,850 Qatari riyals. The first wave of ticket sales takes place from January 19 through February 8. Fans in various pricing levels can apply for individual games or a series of matches. If the number of applications received exceeds the number of tickets available for any game or category, candidates will be chosen at random. Following that, there will be a first-come, first-served stage.

When the schedules are finalized in April, a similar two-part application process will be used. After that, the remaining tickets will be offered in a last-minute sales phase and through a ticket-resale portal until the event’s conclusion.

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What’s it like in Qatar?

Qatar is a small country and also the 2022 FIFA world cup location. It is smaller than Connecticut, and the majority of its 2.7 million people reside in the capital, Doha, or its surrounding suburbs. None of the matches will be played further than 31 miles (50 kilometers) from the city, which organizers claim would make the event more ecologically friendly and allow spectators to attend more than one game on any given day.

The majority of Qatar’s attractions are concentrated along the Persian Gulf coast, north through Doha’s “Corniche” coastline, via an artificial island called The Pearl, and to a new urban development called Lusail. Outside of the Doha metropolitan region, much of the nation is desert, with undulating dunes in the south and a flat, stony environment in the north.

Will the Stadiums in Qatar be Air-conditioned?

For the football world cup 2022 tournament, Qatar has renovated one old stadium and built seven new ones, a $10 billion project that has sparked criticism due to its treatment of construction workers.

All of the stadiums will use cooling equipment or be designed with cooling in mind, however not all will be entirely air-conditioned. Having said that, it will be quite chilly over the tournament’s weeks. In contrast to the summer months, when temperatures may reach 42 degrees Celsius (108 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the day, the average high in Qatar in mid-November is 29 degrees Celsius (85 Fahrenheit). It’s still cold in December.

Qatar Hotels and Lodging. Where are People Going to Stay?

Local organizers have had to think outside the box to handle the 1.2 million tourists scheduled to pour on Qatar during the tournament wearing their goalkeeper gloves, which is nearly half the country’s population. In addition to hotels and apartment rentals, officials have rented two MSC Cruises cruise ships, which will supply a total of 3,898 cabins throughout the event. Organizers also suggest that desert camping in selected settlements would be accessible for more adventurous fans, though no specifics have been provided.

Qatar is a Muslim-majority Country. Can you Consume Alcohol While Watching the World Cup?

Although Qatar is not a dry country, the government restricts alcohol sales. Liquor is only supplied at a few restaurants, usually, those linked to hotels. Qatar Airways has a single depot that distributes wine, beer, and spirits (as well as pork) to foreign residents who have authorization from their employers. Alcohol will not be sold inside stadiums, but it will be available in designated fan zones, according to organizers. 

In public, both men and women are obliged to cover their knees and shoulders. People who violate the clothing code are often denied admission to malls, parks, and government institutions. However, in venues that appeal to white-collar foreigners, such as several luxury hotels and The Pearl, the standards are substantially lower. Some women wear shorts and tank tops in such situations, and bikinis near swimming pools are not frowned upon.

Is Qatar Fit to Host the World Cup?

Very secure. On the World Peace Index, the country ranks 29th out of 163 countries, ahead of Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Qatar is not close to the crisis zones in Iraq, Syria, or Yemen. It also maintains good relations with Iran, which means it is largely immune to flare-ups with Tehran. The nation, which hosts the largest American military station in the Middle East, has increased its cooperation with the US in battling regional terrorism, including funding a counterterrorism program to give training ahead of the World Cup.

What About POC, LGBTQ+ People, and Women?

Women in Qatar enjoy fewer liberties than males, although female travelers are unlikely to see any overt prejudice. In public, women are typically treated with dignity.

Before the event, organizers have preached inclusiveness to individuals of all sexual orientations, and have even stated that rainbow flags would be allowed to fly in the stadiums. Even though same-sex behavior is illegal in Qatar and punishable by imprisonment, homosexual persons in the expatriate community date and live together in private. Other communities are more intolerant. Qatari gay and lesbian citizens have told human rights organizations that they are compelled to conceal their gender identities.

How Much Fun Will the World Cup Be?

The extent to which municipal laws will be implemented during the World Cup is a key topic of discussion among citizens who are already ordering athletic clothes online in Qatar. While there will be anticipated low tolerance levels for hooliganism, other sorts of behavior that are acceptable elsewhere may be frowned upon and dealt with brutally in Qatar. Public shows of love, for example, are frowned upon in Qatar, especially between heterosexual couples.

Last year, a senior organizer stated that the government is looking into ways to deal with violations of modesty and decorum, such as public drinking and immorality. It remains to be seen if authorities would soften their stance to prevent international condemnation.

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