5G network to come in India in 3 months, 10 lakh people can get jobs – 5G network will deploy in India in next 3 months and 10 lakh people can get jobs

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  • 3G network in India after three months
  • 5G network employs 1 million people
  • With the advent of 5G network, many things will become easier

According to the telecom company, the 5G network in India could be launched in a few limited places in three months. Because the optical fiber-based infrastructure is now fully ready. Amit Marwah, head of marketing and corporate at Nokia India, said the decision to launch 5G services in India would have to be taken. Otherwise, they will not be able to take advantage of next-generation technology.

According to PTI, Amit Marwah further said that if we do not enable 5G as soon as possible, we may miss this opportunity. There is no way to make money for 5G operators. It is time to create new economic value in India and the world. We are producing 5G in India. The hardware is also ready for this. So we can work to deploy a 5G network in India in the next 3 months. Nokia is exporting 5G devices from its Chennai plant to other parts of the world. Production Linked Incentive Scheme is being developed for its partnership.

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Sandeep Agarwal, chairman of the Telecom Export Promotion Council, has called for the use of gears manufactured locally. Also, India should have control over security. Optical fiber based infrastructure is only available in a select few areas to support 5G services. So this technology can be rolled out in a select few areas.

Sandeep Agarwal said that it is expensive to develop this technology in India. China has provided about ला 200 billion to its local company for new technology. Jagdish Mitra, a member of Nasscom’s executive council and chief strategy officer at Tech Mahindra, said the Kovid 19 epidemic had woken up all countries. The Indian market is already in a great opportunity. So he cannot be ignored. Made in India products, exporting from India can be good option. For this, we all need to be not only skill-based but also where we can create and innovate.

Telecom Sector Skills Council Arvind Bali said that only one country cannot make technology complete. They may need help from another country. The PLI scheme is a step towards making people self-reliant and generating employment. Together with PLI in telecom hardware, it can be estimated that 1 million jobs will be created in India.

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