6 crucial tips and tricks for becoming a better React Native developer


React Native is a framework that allows you to build cross-platform applications. It is very popular at the present time. It is appreciated by Facebook and the Java community. Since it has become open-source there are certain questions arising on this topic. Building apps for two platforms with JavaScript is not a good option. But React Native worked exceptionally well to create apps for platforms like IOS and android. In this guest post, we will discuss some tips and tricks that can help you to be an exceptional React Native developer. 

Navigation Library

React Native has some problems with the navigation system. To fix this issue, there are several libraries that were released. But not every library is impactful and you should select the perfect one for your app. Not using the precise navigation library can result in a poor user experience. There are several cases in which react native navigation was found to be malfunctioning. Therefore it is very important to select the right library. 

Optimizing the Resources

Images are an important aspect of today’s world. Images can help you provide important information. It can be acquired from a local directory or an external resource. Irrespective of your requirements and goals, you should always prioritize optimizing react native images. You shouldn’t process these images from the client end instead they should be processed from the backend. It can cause crashed performance and bandwidth benchmarks. Several CDN options including the IBM Cloud can be used for images and videos. You can also create an API call to upload these images to the server. After optimizing the image, it can be returned using an API. 

Native Debugging

Debbuging is an important task for any application to perform flawlessly. But in react native, this process is very hectic. It can get even more irritating if the project size is large. The reason behind this issue is that React Native depends upon Chrome Debugger for the process. It uses the Chrome JS engine which can only be done on JavaScriptCore. This differentiated the JavaScript environment and the developer has to face several issues due to this. To save yourself from this, you should debug the app on Android Studio for androids and Xcode for IOS.  


Try to divide the components of the app into two separate parts. Categorizing the component will help you in reusing them effectively. The smart components which are also known as container components are the real functions of the UI. It performs functions like making API calls, gathering data, managing the state, and many more. It doesn’t know much about the data. Then it transmits the data to the dumb component. They are independent of any management library and they use props in a meaningful way. These are the presentational components, and they decide the actual presence and appearance of the app. binding them with the container components can help you to reuse them again and again. 


Everyone wants to be updated by the new features. Even developers want to keep upgrading their React Native. Although it is an easy process yet it can be a pain at times. If you have installed modules linked with the native code then this can create some issues. It contains the packages like React Native navigation, Google Maps, and many more. There can be a situation in which every linked aspect will break down and the app crashes without flashing any warning. You can unlink the package before the degradation process and re-link once it is done. You can click here for best react native developer.

Reduce the App Size

If you are using third-party libraries and native components then it can result in an increased size of the app. This will affect the performance and loading time of the app adversely. You can follow simple guidelines to avoid this mistake. If you are working on an android platform, then try to enable the proguard and decrease the size of the graphic. In the case of the IOS platform, there isn’t any straightforward solution to this problem. This makes it a bit difficult for the developer. Still, certain actions an be performed to decrease the size of an app. 

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