6 Emerging Video Surveillance Trends of 2022 & Beyond


An upsurge in cyber crimes has increased the need for security camera implementation in organizations. More than 70% of small-large companies use advanced CCTVs these days. Manufacturers include AI technology in surveillance systems to increase workplace safety. 

Today, most indoor and outdoor cameras have cloud storage. That helps the enterprise to combat data loss situations. The latest surveillance cameras have facial recognition capabilities. These devices can detect a vehicle’s license plate in low-light conditions. 

Moreover, the importance of high-definition IP cameras will also increase in 2022  – Why? Because these security cameras provide excellent video quality and clarity. Additionally, it allows the users to access the captured images remotely. 

The video surveillance industry has grown rapidly over the past few years. New technologies have been deployed in wireless security cameras. And, manufacturers are planning to add more security features in the coming years. 

Do you need to know what you would get in the new security cameras? Check the following technology trends which might affect the surveillance sector in 2022:

  1. Manufacturers are more into Hybrid Security Solutions 

The latest security cameras will have cloud and edge technologies. It would help the users to monitor the ongoing activities in a better way. Moreover, it will prevent hackers from accessing the data over the network. Decline the cybercrime rate by installing these advanced surveillance cameras. Is the existing security camera not working? Contact the CCTV Repair Dubai experts for immediate help. 

Edge-based video surveillance offers several advantages. And, it minimises the camera’s bandwidth usage and consumes less energy. These devices allow you to record video files on the memory card. Moreover, this next-generation security camera provides more storage capacity.

On the other side, cloud-based video surveillance systems are easy to access. These devices offer crystal clear picture quality and back up the data. These security cameras provide real-time alerts via a mobile app. And, it also keeps the data encrypted, which eliminates the security risk. 

Moreover, the manufacturers will add all these features to one security camera. The hybrid security cameras might have human detection technology. There might also be motion detection capability in these advanced devices. 

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  1. The focus will be on Zero Trust Network

The manufacturers will launch new cameras using the zero trust model. This security framework is important to keep the camera-based apps or data safe. These cameras will play an imperative role in increasing network security, preventing unauthorised users from accessing the camera network. Moreover, this security model helps users to hide their current location. 

Zero trust security solution will provide real-time information. Moreover, it will restrict cybercriminals from tampering with the recorded videos. Hackers accessed more than 6000 security cameras last year. But, you don’t have to fret over that when using CCTVs with a zero-trust approach. Reduce the security vulnerabilities by installing these cameras. 

Why Should You Use a Security Camera which uses Zero Trust Model?

An antivirus program is not enough to protect the security camera from cyber-attacks. Sometimes, a next-generation firewall can fail to detect malware. And, zero trust networks will provide the ultimate security in certain situations. 

It has advanced online threat detection features and uses an authentication protocol. Zero trust model-based cameras undergo regular software updates. This technology encrypts security camera data and user’s identity efficiently. Many IT sectors have adapted the zero-trust security solution. And, it might gain more acceptance by the end of 2022.

  1. Authentication Should be the Top Priority 

The CCTV manufacturers will authenticate the device’s login credentials. It will prevent the hackers from tracking the security code. Most users set easy-to-assume passwords like “admin”, or “password”, leading to data threats. Thus, multi-factor authentication will secure the credentials from breaching. 

These security cameras will transmit video over the internet. Thus, resetting the Wi-Fi password and username is also important. Go to the home router’s setup page to do that. Otherwise, cybercriminals might get easy access to the surveillance system. 

Furthermore, enabling the authentication feature is easy in security cameras. Install the dedicated mobile app, go to “Settings” and tap on “Security”. Additionally, you need to choose “multi-factor” authentication from the security feature list. Some security cameras ask for your email address when setting up multi-factor authentication. Provide that and use the device without security issues. 

  1. 5G Security Cameras are on the Way

5G technology has been used in mobile devices in the past few years. And, now, the manufacturers will include that in the latest surveillance systems. 5G security cameras will provide reliable security solutions without Wi-Fi. Additionally, it can be used in remote areas, retail stores and even on construction sites. 

You can upload the camera footage at high speed on cloud platforms. Moreover, you can download high-resolution camera videos within a few minutes. Besides, 5G cameras will reduce the latency and digital response time. This indicates you can check the live video feed without lagging issues. 

The 3G security cameras fail to support 1080P video transmission. But, the 5G cameras offer high-resolution videos while retaining the image quality. These devices will be powered by batteries that will last longer in standby mode. And, the 5G security camera will also come with a built-in microphone and speaker.

  1. The Use of Thermal Camera will Increase

Currently, 30% of the mid-large companies use thermal security cameras. And, this number will most likely increase by the end of 2022. These devices can detect an individual’s temperature even when there is no or low light. Many restaurants and shopping complexes use this no-contact security solution. 

Prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus by installing thermal imaging cameras. Regardless of its size, every business can use this surveillance system, and it detects the suspected person by scanning their facial features. Moreover, these cameras are less damage-prone and have a super-fast response time. 

Thermal security cameras ensure a higher accuracy degree than other standard cameras. Do you know what the best part of this advanced surveillance system is? It can withstand unwanted power failure with its exclusive security features. 

  1. AI-based Camera gets Worldwide Acceptance

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the surveillance industry. Many companies installed AI-based security cameras in 2021 for their exceptional image processing. This surveillance system will increase operational efficiency. 

Some of the AI-powered cameras also have event recognition features. You can store 1TB of data in this latest security equipment. And, it also sends notifications to the users after detecting unusual activity. AI cameras sharpen the blurry elements and reduce noise from the footage. These cameras have advanced analytical functions, like traffic counting, and vehicle detection. 

Which Video Surveillance Cameras Should You Buy in 2022?

There are many smart cameras that you can use in 2022. Go with Wyze Cam if you need an outdoor but running at a low budget. 

Do you need a doorbell camera? Buy Arlo’s latest video doorbell model. It offers advanced features like package and motion detection. 

Additionally, you can buy Google Nest Cam. It is the best indoor camera that can be controlled using Google Assistant. Get the Swann 12 camera if you have a large warehouse in the office building. It can record videos at 1080P and is equipped with built-in spotlights. Don’t wait, contact an expert and install the best security camera now.

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