Artificial Intelligence In Phone Calls: A Mantra For The Modern Era Business Communications


 “Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.” Charlie Kaufman, American screenwriter

A mantra for the modern era of business communication! Customers expect you to understand their needs and cater to them with appropriate interactions. While a team of smart and empathic customer service agents can do it, you can go the extra mile with artificial intelligence. This new tech is a game-changer for businesses, and they are embracing it to enhance their core operations, including customer service and support.

According to statistics, 80% of marketers had chatbots in their customer experience strategy in 2020, and the number is all set to increase in the future. One area of CX where AI plays a crucial role is the phone system. AI-enabled voice can enhance call experiences beyond your imagination, making it a worthwhile investment.

It’s no surprise that companies of all sizes are integrating AI applications into cloud contact centres. This technology has become even more crucial in the new normal as people need to work remotely, and they miss out on calls at some point or the other.

However, smart AI applications can easily take over and ensure that every caller gets the best possible interaction. Let us explain the dominant role of AI in business phone calls.

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Enhancing Customer Experience

The core objective of business phone calls is to stay connected with customers and deliver better services. But customer support isn’t only about availability; instead, you need to make sure that every caller has an excellent experience. Repeating names, account numbers or sharing details at multiple touchpoints won’t make your customers happy.  It is more likely to make them frustrated and annoyed. 

When used correctly, AI can resolve this concern by empowering your phone system with advanced voice recognition. Instead of a password, a caller’s voice is used for authentication, making things a lot simpler.

Furthermore, AI can help to redact confidential data to retain caller privacy and trust. Sensitive information can be deleted from call recordings by implementing recognition algorithms for keywords and numbers.

Improving Sales Figures

The sales team is often the first point of contact your prospective customers interact with. A great first impression is imperative for conversions and sales.

Everything boils down to the ability of reps to steer conversations in the right direction. While people can use instincts to provide contextual experiences, AI leverages data to drive efficiency and accuracy in interactions. You can use an AI-powered application for sentiment analysis to get insights into the mood and expectations of the callers.

Salespersons can pick the right points and steer clear of the wrong ones with these valuable insights.

Moreover, they can even get early warnings and take corrective measures to ensure that the potential buyer does not leave.  AI also identifies keywords and phrases to verify proper engagement with the prospect. It even checks if the agent is pitching the desired products and services.

Integrating the technology with call whispering helps you prompt the agents when they miss out on the crucial keywords and phrases.

Identifying Customer and Call Types

AI technology can identify the incoming calls and route them to the relevant agent or chatbot. At the same time, it also provides the relevant background information, caller’s history, and nature of the inquiry so that recipients are better prepared to handle them.

AI can even empower them with the appropriate solutions via a single window on their device screen.

Businesses need to embrace these applications for their contact centres sooner rather than later. They can help you ramp every single interaction with contextual information about the caller. Better interactions translate into repeat business, stronger loyalty, and enhanced reputation of the business. 

Reducing the Workload of Human Agents

AI-powered chatbots are fast taking over the repetitive tasks of agents, which reduces their workload significantly. The best part is that these virtual agents are efficient in searching for the right solutions for the callers’ concerns. They are always available and have expertise in all subject matters. Furthermore, they offer reliable and consistent performance regardless of locations and timelines. 

AI integrated chatbots reduce the complexity and the response time related to common queries to a great extent. As human agents save time and effort, they can focus on matters of vital concern. Agents can go the extra mile with the key customers and build stronger rapport because they have more time and contextual details at hand.

Facilitating Quality Training in Real-Time

Integrating Artificial Intelligence in your phone systems is a good decision from the training perspective too.  It can be of great help to fine-tune your training and development initiatives. AI software algorithms analyse voice data in real-time during each call. You can get instant intelligent insights into every conversation. AI even picks the number of times an agent interrupts the caller, which is a key parameter for performance assessment.

Managers have a clear picture of the best performers and the laggards, with the information derived via intelligent systems. They can create personalised training programmes for agents, addressing their weaknesses for improving future interactions. Also, they can gather data from the best interactions by top performers and use it as training material for others in the team.


The benefits of empowering business phone systems with artificial intelligence are immense. The sooner organisations invest in the technology, the faster they can move on the growth route. It is vital to implement this smart feature right now to match interactions with caller expectations.

Although it may cost a bit, the investment is worthy because it gives your business a competitive edge along with better customer satisfaction. A perfect human-AI balance is the need of the hour, and businesses that have it in place can be real winners.

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