BSNL Postpaid Data plan: Good news for BSNL users, the announcement of 12 new Data Add-ons plans, see what benefits

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  • Good news for BSNL users
  • 12 New Data Add-ons Plan Announced
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Great news for BSNL users. If you are using BSNL’s postpaid plan and you want to use more mobile data, don’t worry if you need to recharge your data add-ons. Because BSNL has announced 12 data add-on plans. In which you can get extra TEDA from the regular plan.

Other telecom companies are offering only 2 data add-on plans for their postpaid users. So there is a lot of data add-on plans for BSNL users. What is the new data ad plan for BSNL users? What is the benefit of that? Learn the details.

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Cheap and expensive plan

The BSNL Postpaid Data Add-on plan starts at Rs. In which users get 550 MB of data. When this data is exhausted, the speed decreases to 40 Kbps. This is a data add-on plan. Users do not get voice calling and SMS benefits. After this, BSNL has a plan of Rs 75. It has 1.5 GB of data. When the data runs out, the speed decreases to 40 Kbps. Users get 2.2 GB of data on a Rs 170 data add-on plan. When this data is exhausted, the speed decreases to 40 Kbps.

How much benefit on which plan

In BSNL Postpaid Data Add-on, users get 4.2 GB of data in a Rs 225 plan. The speed at the end of this is 40 Kbps. This plan does not include calling or SMS benefits. In the Rs 240 plan, users get 3.5 GB of data. A data plan of Rs 225 is more beneficial for users. In BSNL’s Rs 290 data plan, users get 9 GB of data. The Rs 340 plan offers only 5.5 GB of data. Users get 12 GB of data in BSNL’s Rs 501 data plan. The Rs 549 plan comes with 16 GB of data.

Annual plan too

The BSNL Postpaid Data Add-on plan comes with a Rs 666 plan and 11 GB of data. In the Rs 901 plan, users get 20 GB of data. The speed decreases to 128 Kbps when the data is exhausted. This speed is enough to send a message and use social media. Users get 30 GB of data in BSNL’s Rs 1,711 data plan. Along with all this, BSNL has also introduced a 365-day annual plan in which users get 1 GB per month, which is a total of 12 GB of data.

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