How to fix the ‘McAfee Antivirus not working’ issue on Windows 10?


Trust us when we tell you that McAfee is the highest-rated company for antivirus. The antivirus software that are offered by McAfee can be used on all operating system (Windows as well as Mac). The software comes with the most advanced features like full device protection, accurate security, scanning for threats, and elimination as well as other features. However, recently many McAfee users have been complaining about problems with the software, such as it not being able to function in Windows 10. We know how challenging this issue could be. We have provided a few simple solutions for how to fix the ‘McAfee Antivirus not working’ issue on Windows 10.

The rising number of cyber-scams, malware, viruses and scams have led to an unnerving scenario for tech-savvy people around the world. However, with the introduction of McAfee safeguarding your computer, keeping it is much simpler than it was before. You can download the free version McAfee, or purchase an authorized version. However, at times users encounter problems with programs, such as that aren’t compatible with Windows 10. Do not panic, if you’re facing the same problem, we’re sure you’ve come to the right place. Read this article until the end to learn 

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What is the reason why McAfee Antivirus refuse to work on Windows 10?

Before we move onto the steps to fix the ‘McAfee Antivirus not working’ issue on Windows 10, let us first know reason why the software doesn’t function in Windows 10. To better understand the issue, we suggest you study the root cause first. These are the most commonly discovered causes for this technical glitch:

  1. Certain files from some of the McAfee antivirus have gone missing, or have been deleted.
  2. Incomplete download.
  3. Problems with third-party software or any other antivirus installed on Windows 10.
  4. Incompatible version.
  5. Old McAfee software.
  6. Registry files that are corrupted.

How To Fix “McAfee Antivirus Isn’t Working’ Issue on Windows 10

Following the reasons, is the time to move on to the most straightforward solutions to fix this technological glitch. To help our readers, we’ve listed the most straightforward methods available to get rid of this issue and get your application functioning. Without further delay , let’s dive into the troubleshooting procedures:

Method 1: Remove and install McAfee Setup

The initial method for How to Fix the McAfee Antivirus not working’ issue on Windows 10. The only thing you need to do is remove the application from your system first, and then download the most recent as well as compatible versions of program for reinstallation. These are the steps to complete this procedure:

  1. Start the first step by clicking Start and then Control Panel.
  2. From here, choose to uninstall a program.
  3. Choose McAfee and then click on uninstall.
  4. It is recommended to remove the existing files in the program too.
  5. Then, start the reinstallation process by using your Web Browser and then going through the McAfee Website. Website.
  6. Visit the search area where you can search for most recent as well as compatible version of McAfee Security (Free Version).
  7. Click”Download” to download your installation.
  8. Then, click on the setup that you downloaded to start installing the setup.
  9. Follow the entire set of instructions for installing the software.
  10. Try to determine the state of the issue through scan.

Method 2: Alternative Methods to Solve the McAfee Antivirus Isn’t Working Issue on Windows 10

To assist you in finding the most effective solution, we’ve gone above and beyond and have listed additional steps. The answer to your query How to fix the ‘McAfee Antivirus Isn’t working’ issue on Windows 10 is listed below. Be sure to read through the steps carefully and ensure that you follow each step in exactly the same order as it is written:

  1. Begin troubleshooting by restarting the system (Laptop/Desktopor Computer).
  2. Download now the McAfee removal tool.
  3. With the removal tools, you can remove the installed McAfee program.
  4. Verify that there’s no other third-party antivirus program running on your system. If so, you should eliminate that program too.
  5. Restart your device.
  6. Download the program once more via the internet and install it according to the rules.
  7. Check the state of the issue by running an scan of the system.

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Method 3: Repair McAfee Registry files

This error can be encountered in the event that the registry files from the McAfee Antivirus application aren’t functioning properly or were damaged. When there are runtime issues or changes in functionality the registry files could be damaged. So the solution to the question How To Repair ‘McAfee Security Not working‘ issue on Windows 10 is by fixing the registry files. These are steps needed to complete this task:

  1. Shut down or stop the programs that are running on the background.
  2. Go to the Run Command Box and type “cmd”.
  3. Enter”regedit” as a command “regedit”.
  4. Enter the number.
  5. This will open the Registry Editor Window.
  6. Look for damaged registry files.
  7. Export the corrupted file by choosing them.
  8. They can be reported in the same way.

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