Whatsapp tips and tricks useful features: From blue tick to profile picture, these features of WhatsApp are great, know the details

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  • Features of WhatsApp from Blue Tick to Profile Picture
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WhatsApp has come under heavy criticism for its privacy policy. This new policy has greatly benefited apps like Signal and Telegram. WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is used by billions of people around the world. This messaging app is very popular. WhatsApp is most preferred for sending text messages, sharing photos, and making video calls. Know the details.

Hiding the blue tick

Blue tick is a working feature. Sending a message from any user, sends an alert to read it. But, often not responding can be a blue tick problem. So it is better to take a blue tick off to get rid of this problem. Turn off the read receipt. To do this, go to Settings> Account> Privacy and turn off the Read Receipts box. Read receipt is not disabled for group chat.

Profile picture To hide

If you feel that no one should see your profile picture. Those you don’t know personally. In it you can hide your WhatsApp DP. For this you have to go to the settings of WhatsApp. Then click on Account> Privacy. Now after clicking on Profile photo, Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody options will appear. You click on My Contacts option. Your photo is then viewed by the same people you know. If you feel that no one should see your DP, select the No One option.

Private messaging in group messages

If you want to send private messages in group chat, the WhatsApp group gives you permission to send private messages to chat members. To do this, open your Android phone to any group. On which the user wants to send a private message. Press on his message. Now tap on the three dots that appear in the top right corner. Then select the Reply Privately option.

Photos and videos gallery

Photos and videos from WhatsApp are downloaded to the gallery on your phone. Users often suffer from this. Because it depletes storage and data. But, there is an option. Video and photos can be prevented from being saved. To do this, go to Settings. Now go to Media Auto-Download. At this point, you will see three options. When Using Cellular Data, When Connected on Wi-Fi and When Roaming, uncheck the Images, Audio, Video, and Documents provided in these three options. This will disable the media auto-download feature.

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