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Is Zendaya Pregnant?

ZENDAYA PREGNANT is moving on Twitter, so you should ponder.. is the entertainer truly pregnant?

Zendaya isn't pregnant. A Twitter string shared the post of a TikTok client that had posted a phony image of Zendaya.

Sharing an ultrasound picture of a child which prompted the bits of hearsay that you have likely heard that brought you here.

The phony subtitle on the photograph read, "I love you. Most of the way there"

Adding an emoji of a red heart while labeling the entertainer's sweetheart Tom Holland.

The post immediately showed that they had played a trick on the virtual entertainment clients, which didn't go down well.

This isn't whenever that hypotheses first about Zendaya's pregnancy have surfaced on the web.

As it portrayed her displaying a child's stomach at an honorary pathway occasion.

The reports were unwarranted, and neither Zendaya nor her entertainer sweetheart Tom Holland answered the misleading news.

Tom Holland, nonetheless, communicated his craving to become a dad in a December 2021 meeting with People magazine.