Fearing girlfriends family young man accidentally entered Pakistan border, relatives fearing of being torture

The family of a 19-year-old young man who accidentally crossed the border into Pakistan two months ago from Rajasthan's Barmer district and is upset.


The family of a 19-year-old young man who accidentally crossed the border into Pakistan two months ago from Rajasthan’s Barmer district and is upset. From the local police to the Prime Minister, the family, who have prayed for the son’s return safely and early, are living up to the expectations. He fears that he will be tortured badly in Pakistan.

In fact, Gamera Ram Meghwal (19), a resident of Kumho, a dune in the district bordering the India-Pakistan international border, had gone to her house in the first week of November for allegedly meeting her girlfriend at night. It is being told that in the meantime when his family saw him, he started fleeing from there and accidentally reached the Pakistan border. Pakistani Rangers caught him there.

This led to Anjana reporting a missing person to the local police after her housemate did not meet her for several days. During a police investigation, the Pakistani Rangers had confirmed to BSF at a flag meeting on 5 January that Gameram was in their custody.

According to K SHhor Jetharam, the local Binjrad police told the police about ten days after her disappearance. Meanwhile, the family along with the local MP met the DM and demanded to be tried for his return. Gamera Ram Meghwal’s father Jamaram Meghwal and mother Amaku Devi also sent a letter to the Prime Minister requesting the return of the son.

Gamera Ram’s old mother is crying badly. His condition is getting worse in the memory of his son. Meanwhile, a Border Security Force (BSF) official said, “We had a flag meeting with the Pakistan Rangers to ascertain whether the boy had crossed into Pakistan.” After several meetings, he confirmed that he was in the custody of the Sindh Police of Pakistan. ” Said that Pakistan Rangers informed that after completion of legal formalities, he will be handed back to India.

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