India has more corruption than Pakistan, increased bribery here in the last two years

The report noted that in 2020, corruption has been higher in countries where there were no proper arrangements to deal with coronavirus.


Anti-corruption organization Transparency International has released a new report on corruption. According to this, India has more corruption than China, but it is in a better position than Pakistan. The report says that bribery has increased in India in the last two years.

This organization ranks them on the basis of corruption in the public sector in 180 countries of the world. Ranking is given to countries by rating them on the basis of 100 points. India ranks 86th in the rankings released this year, while the US is ranked 67th. China ranks 78.
Pakistan ranks 124th and Nepal 117th.

India’s position is much better than Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh, but its ranking has fallen in the last two years. According to an ET report, India was ranked 81 in the 2018 report. It was ranked 78 in the 2019 report. Ranked 80th in 2020 report and now at 86th position in 2021 report.

The institution has suggested that strengthening monitoring institutions is necessary to combat corruption in India. There should be transparency in the procurement process from the government. During the Corona period there was dissatisfaction among the public towards the government. It is necessary to ban such situations. Corruption can be curbed by publication of all information related to government schemes, expenditure of resources and distribution.

America’s ranking has also fallen this year. That is, corruption has increased in the country under Donald Trump’s rule. New Zealand is at number one in the index by scoring 88 out of 100 points. Denmark is also at the top spot with New Zealand with 88 points. Talking about the top 10 countries, Singapore, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden have scored 85 points. Norway has 84, Netherlands 82, Germany and Luxembourg 80.

Delia Ferreria Rubio, the chairperson of Transparency International, says the Corona pandemic is not just a health and economic crisis. It is also a corruption crisis, which we are failing to handle.

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