How to Drive More Leads on LinkedIn?


Linkedin, when used effectively, could be a great prospecting tool. Here is how you can leverage this tool.

Define Your Goal

Defining your goals is essential in LinkedIn because they optimize your marketing campaigns towards the LinkedIn members who are anticipated to take the desired action.

How do they do it? First, the platform uses past and predicated information to make the decision.

When you precisely know who your target audiences are, you can use lookalike audiences, matching audiences, and audience expansion to fastly scale your reach.

Quality Profile

Your LinkedIn account could be your interactive resume and digital business card. Generally, LinkedIn is the first place where professionals will go to research about you. 

Your profile is where people would build the first impression about you. Therefore, ensure that your profile has the following significant elements;

  • High-Quality Headshot as Profile Picture
  • Catchy Headline
  • Work Experience
  • Education Background
  • Cover Image

Share Quality Posts

When a person lands on your profile to learn about you, there is a high chance that they would dig a little deeper and surf your recently posted content (Text content, Single Image, Carousel Image, or Video). 

Hence, it’s crucial to invest some thought process to decide about the kind of posts you share on LinkedIn. 

Besides the content topic, other things like the number of posts and the time you publish them are also significant considerations. 

Be Cordial

It is essential to be sociable on a social media platform like LinkedIn, where you have the fantastic opportunity to connect with professionals from varied niches and expertise. 

Here are a few ways to socialize on LinkedIn;

  • Follow – Everyone loves it when someone follows them on social media.
  • Connect – By connecting with them, you would be able to send them messages on LinkedIn.
  • Respond/ React – It is good to engage with their posts either by liking, commenting, or sharing.
  • Endorse – Endorsing their skill is one of the best things to do for your connections, as this will increase their credibility.

Leverage Sales Navigator

LinkedIn sales navigator is a social networking platform that provides an array of attributes that helps you to locate the right prospects, find email addresses of prospects, and build trusted relationships. 

By subscribing to the LinkedIn sales navigator, you could understand the buyer’s value and engage with personalized outreach. 

Build an appropriate Strategy

It’s pretty standard for sales and business development professionals to commit the mistake of not setting up an appropriate strategy. Here are the common issues;

  • Unrealistic expectations – You cannot expect ten thousand followers in a couple of days.
  • Being inconsistent – 
  • Poor content

Track and Optimize

Measuring your ad performance and the impact of your lead generation investment is significant.

Based on the tracked information, you would be able to optimize your campaign. 

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is like a magic wand; when you know how to use it, you can drive a considerable number of leads. Hence, ensure to follow these tips and generate a good number of quality leads using LinkedIn.

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