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Crypto Betting Sites in India | Discovering the Best Crypto Sports Betting Sites in India


Using Cryptocurrencies for Sports Betting in India

It is no news that cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm and is widely accepted globally, except in a few countries, and is now the most preferred payment method. People can perform basic transactions and pay for goods and services rendered using cryptocurrency. Even our everyday and essential activities like paying for goods in a supermarket, visits to the doctor’s office for a consultation, checkups, and payment for food in a restaurant can be made using crypto.

Crypto is used in all spheres of life where paying and receiving money are involved. Even betting sites are no exception, as they now accept crypto as a means of transaction, which means that you can use cryptocurrency to place a bet, and if it’s your win, you can also get your prize through crypto payment.

India is not left behind in using crypto for payment, nor is it behind in the current betting trend. Being among the top countries with the highest number of sports betting, it has quickly adapted to this new trend. Nowadays best betting sites in India accept crypto as a type of currency or a mode of payment for transactions regarding betting.

Best Crypto Betting Sites in India

There are so many crypto sports betting sites in India, and they have different company names and they have been listed above. Here are the best crypto betting sites in India; they are not arranged in any particular order.


After joining Melbet, you can get a huge bonus as a welcome gift. You will get a deposit bonus if you select cryptocurrency as your mode of payment. There are different payment choices, so you should choose the one that is good for you.

There are several famous coins for this, and they are:

  • Litecoin,
  • Dogecoin,
  • Bitcoin,
  • Ethereum,
  • Shiba,
  • and Tether.


Lately, 10Cric lets their customers make deposits using crypto, Bitcoin to be specific. It is one of the many betting sites in India that accepts cryptocurrencies as their mode of payment. To perform a transaction using crypto, you should have a 10Cric betting account that is registered.


Not only does 1xBet let customers make deposits using any cryptocurrency, but they also allow their players to fund their accounts using a minimal amount. Using popular options such as BTC and ETH, you can fund your 1xBet betting account with money as low as 50.00 RUB. 1xBet gives an opening bonus for new customers that are just signing up.


22Bet boasts of having more than 25 cryptocurrencies for customers to pick from.

Among these are:

  1. Dash,
  2. Ethereum,
  3. Monero,
  4. Verge,
  5. Litecoin,
  6. Dogecoin,
  7. Bitcoin,
  8. etc.

Among all, Bitcoin is the most well-known and most used coin. You can tap on it to know the worth of the cryptocurrency that catches your fancy in the Indian Rupee currency.


There are also various ways of performing transactions. One of the world’s most respected and renowned betting brands, Dafabet, lets its customers perform transactions using many cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin taking the lead. Other cryptocurrencies have a minimum price of as low as 300.00, while Bitcoin’s minimum is 1,500.00.

Advantages of Crypto Sports Betting

Reduced Rate of Fraud

When you place a bet using the normal Indian Rupee currency, the risks and chances of the bookmaker cheating you on your wins are very high. Crypto is decentralized so that no one can cheat you off your successes.

Being Anonymous

Using the normal Indian Rupee or bank codes or online payment, your identity is linked to all your transactions. Still, your identity remains hidden in crypto, and nobody can trace or link your transactions to you. If you want your identity to remain hidden so that no one knows you are betting, gambling using crypto is the only way out.

High Security

One of the highest advantages of betting with cryptocurrency over the normal fiat currency is that it provides you with security for your wins or money. Betting using the normal Indian Rupee risks your money or gains being stolen or lost. Using cryptocurrency to bet, you can rest assured that your money is safe because your funds are stored in blockchains that cannot be hacked.

Betting Can Be Done Universally

With crypto, you can place your bets and get your wins anywhere in the world without the hindrance of currency difference because it is crypto. Unlike the traditional betting method using the fiat currency, the Indian Rupee, you cannot place a bet from India to another country because of the difference in currency. But with crypto betting, you can set your bets no matter where you are and be sure of getting your wins; you can bet with anyone anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

It Is Convenient

Traditional betting methods are quite tiring, especially if you place your bets in another country. But with cryptocurrencies, there are no hassles; you only need a good internet connection and a digital wallet, which is very convenient. Crypto betting sites do not charge fees for any transaction, whether you are depositing or withdrawing. If you are unsure how to get started with crypto, you can watch this simplified video to help you get into it –

Disadvantages of Crypto Sports Betting

  • The use of crypto is banned in many countries, so any crypto transaction is considered illegal.
  • Cryptocurrencies undergo devaluation at times. For example, if you win using a crypto bet and Bitcoin falls, the value of the Bitcoin at the time you get your success is what you have. The amount is no longer the same.
  • It is impossible to identify a fraudulent crypto bettor when match-fixing is suspected because of the anonymity of crypto.
  • It takes a long time to liquidate cryptocurrencies.
  • It cannot be sent back when you have made a crypto payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which betting site is the best in India?

Based on their popularity as trustworthy, excellent, and safe, companies like Bet365 and Betway go a long way.

  1. Which betting sites accept crypto in India?

Betting companies like 10Cric, 1xBet, Dafabet, Melbet, 22Bet, Bet365, Megapari, ShangriLa Betting, Casumo Sports, Betway, Bettilt, Rabona, 4raBet, and ComeOn! accept cryptocurrency.

  1. Which betting site accepts more than 20 types of crypto or coin?

22Bet boasts of more than 25 cryptocurrencies that it accepts.

  1. When using crypto for a bet, do I need to put down my personal details?

No, you do not need to put down your details when placing a bet with crypto.

  1. Is it only Bitcoin that can be accepted?

No, it is not only Bitcoin that can be accepted; you can use other coins like Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Shiba, Tether, and many other currencies. But Bitcoin is just the most popular of them, and it is widely used.

  1. Is Bet365 legal in India?

Yes, Bet365 is available and accessible to all Indian bettors because it has gotten all the licenses it needs to work in India. It is legal to use.

  1. Does any crypto betting site give new members a bonus?

Yes, some crypto betting sites give their new members a bonus when they place a bet and get a win after joining.


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