Smart Travel Finances: Managing Currencies with INR to EUR and EUR to INR Knowledge


Managing currencies is essential for maintaining financial efficiency when traveling. Volatility in the exchange rates can impact the overall expenses and can also lead to unnecessary costs. However, smart currency management helps in maintaining optimal budgeting, helping travelers to capitalize on favorable rates.Furthermore, using the local currency not only reduces the fees, but ATM withdrawals and prepaid cards also offer secure alternatives. Limiting transactions, hedging against fluctuations, and monitoring rates boost financial control. However, managing currencies mainly between eur to inr, requires a proper strategic approach to reduce unnecessary expenses and budgets. We will share a few tips for handling currency exchange between EUR and INR.  

Strategies for currency conversion 

  • Advance Planning

Before you start your journey, consider planning the budget in both EUR and INR. You can also get help from online converters to calculate your expenses and ensure that you have enough cash. 

  • Use Local Currency 

It is better to use the local currency for conducting several transactions in the country you are planning to visit.  Never look for the DCC (dynamic) provided by the merchants, as it mostly comes with bad exchange rates.

Basic understanding of exchange rates 

The basic thing that every person needs to understand is the exchange rates. However, these rates can vary based on several factors like geopolitical events, economic conditions, market segments, etc. You can also stay in touch with several currency converter apps and news sources to get real-time rates.  Moreover, the exchange rate for eur to inr and inr to eur is not the same. The exchange rate mostly fluctuates due to several factors and the policies of the central bank. Furthermore, currency exchange providers and financial institutions may come with different fees for selling and purchasing currencies which can lead to a slight difference between the rates. Users can take the help of several applications to check the real-time rate.  

Who is responsible for the value of the currency exchange rate from INR to EUR? 

The supply forces and the market demand fix the exchange rate of INR. When a currency is said to have a higher demand than the supply in the market, it is scarce. It is said that scarcity is responsible for the increase in value. On the other hand, if the demand is lower than the supply, the value will decrease. Along with the demand and supply, interest rates, inflation and government policies influence the currency exchange rate. In India, the exchange rate and the foreign exchange reserve are controlled by the RBI. If RBI is willing to increase the value of the Indian currency, it will buy back its currency from the market using the foreign currency. Furthermore, it can reduce the value of the currency by buying back the foreign currency.  

Why is the Euro expensive and stronger than the INR? 

The Euro is claimed to be one of the best currencies in addition to the US Dollar and it is a trusted currency that is used by millions regularly. In many cases, it is seen that other countries try to create a link with the Euro to enjoy several perks. Every change that we observe in the EUR exchange rate is controlled and regulated by the ECB (European Central Bank). Alongside, they also takes charge about the monetary policy.ECB is also said to have greater independence than several other central banks to make independent decisions that make the Euro strong. Along with all these, the ECB can also strengthen the international role of the currency by promoting its use in several countries. Some of the countries that use Euros include  

  • Belgium 
  • Austria 
  • Finland 
  • Italy  
  • The Netherlands  
  • Portugal 
  • Spain

Ways to convert INR to Euro at the lowest cost? 

Users can transfer INR to Euro in several ways through online and offline methods. People who opt for the offline method need to visit the money exchanger or bank. They also need to apply along with the passport.  Furthermore, if you are opting for the online method, the provider will either drop the foreign currency at your doorstep or provide you with a prepaid card. International money transfers and money changers are claimed to offer the best exchange rates than the banks.  

How can an individual send money from India to Europe? 

Users can transfer money from India to other countries using several types of methods. 

FCDD (Foreign currency demand draft)– a foreign currency dd allows an individual to send money abroad at a cheap cost. However, this process is time-consuming. 

Wire Transfer– it is an electronic transfer and is claimed to be one of the best and easiest ways to send money abroad by keeping in mind the cost and speed. The cost of this process is comparatively lower than an online transfer. All the processes mentioned are safe and secure.  

Historical events that impacted the EUR to INR rate 

Financial crisis

Every country experienced a drastic fall down after the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Excessive lending, subprime mortgages were the common reason for such disaster. Furthermore, the Euro to Inr rate went to 63.61 from 56.42 in that period. In short, the Indian currency got a big hit, and the value started falling.


COVID-19 had a worse effect on the global economy, and the EUR to INR and INR to EUR exchange rates were not immune during this time. The INR depreciated against the EUR. A few other events include 

  • 2000 dot-com bubble 
  • Indian Rupee crisis 
  • Brexit 
  • Rise in Oil prices 
  • Russia- Ukraine War 
  • Asian Financial Crisis 


Effective currency management is essential during international travel as it helps eliminate the waste of money. By using the correct financial tools, understanding exchange rates, and adopting smart practices, travelers can calculate their expenses and gift the best journey to themselves. 

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the currency, consider browsing this article to gather all the relevant information. A smart move will not only boost your financial control but will also contribute to a stress-free and enjoyable experience.  

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