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How Can Men Choose Trendy Eyewear That Never Fades Away?


Is it just right for you if you are seeking the most iconic eyeglass frames worth it for a lifetime? You won’t have to look any further than R Kumar Opticians! India is one of the most diverse countries, and the ability to change in fast fashion is vital for your eyewear styling. Our job is to help you find the perfect eyewear frame that reflects your style and lasts forever. We provide a variety of fashionable and enduring spectacle alternatives to the urban Indian male who stays tuned to the trend paired with the quality.

Whether you are looking for classic aviators or sleek wayfarers, our collection of eyewear provides choice to everyone, from casual to fashion-forward. We have exactly what fits your style if you seek a classy, formal look or an edge for a more trendy, casual style. Today, come to R Kumar Opticians and find a great pair of sunglasses to match your unique style. These will be with you for years, keeping you on trend!

What are some classic eyewear styles that never go out of fashion?

Regarding eyewear, the classy signature styles have remained on top of fashion trends and have seen no fall. These classics have more than the back of your face to match the various face shapes perfectly and dominate any appearance with sophistication. Here are some classic eyewear styles that never go out of fashion: 


Designed in the beginning for pilots, the aviator sunglasses (now) are beyond their purpose, symbolizing eternal and stylish cool. Aviator eyeglasses, with their droplet-shaped lenses and thin metal frames, may be the perfect option for both men and women.


‘Wayfarer’ sunglasses, the trendy style in the 50s, have remained a classic in the fashion industry. These square or rectangular shapes add a vintage tone and blend with various outfits.

Round Frames

With the sixties counterculture in mind, round eyewear has returned with a vengeance in recent years. This timeless look frequently connotes class and creative sensibilities and gives its wearers a touch of retro to their outfits.

Cat-Eye Frames

The outer edges of cat-eye glasses, a signature feature of these frames, have been popular among fashionable circles since the mid-20th century. This style conveys a sense of femininity and nostalgia from the old days, and therefore, it remains popular among women’s eyewear.

These age-lasting styles are the reliable ones in the fashion world that are always changing; they are the most valuable choice for those looking for enduring elegance in their eyewear.

How can men ensure their eyewear choice complements their face shape?

Choosing the perfect eyewear to match your face shape can do wonders for a better self-look. With the help of face shape understanding and eyewear frame selection that compliments its contours, men can ensure that their glasses provide the required vision correction and enhance their looks. 

Identify Your Face Shape

As certain whether your skull is round, square, oval, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped. This is possible by looking at your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and face length ratios.

Match Frames to Face Shape

Face shape is the factor that determines the correct head shape. As an example, angular frames can enhance the facial angles of round faces, while round or oval frames can make the features of the square face softer.

Consider Proportions

A general guideline suggests that the frames be in proportion to your face size. Big faces will be perfect in big frames, while such frames could overpower smaller faces.

Coordinate with Features

Notice the correlation between the frames and how they interact with your features. The top of the frame has to be in the eyebrow line, and the bottom does not have to sit on the cheeks.

Seek Professional Advice

Opticians and eyewear specialists are the right people to hear from regarding which frame styles are the most suitable for the shape of your face, which guarantees you wear that will be very graceful and trendy on you.

By considering these factors, men can make better choices in selecting glasses that match their face shapes but also their styles and help enhance their appearance.

Are there any specific trends in men’s eyewear to look out for?

As for Men’s EyeWear fashion trends, 2024 can boast a variety of cool styles to watch out for. From classics with a twist of modern style to intriguing and eye-catching shapes, the choices are endless and eye-catching. undefined

Beige and Neutral Tones

Styles of men’s eyewear in colors of beige and neutrals are making a great difference by bringing a subtler and more expressive look that suits different skin tones.

Thick Rimmed Geometric Frames

This year, geometrical frames with thick rims in unconventional and bold colors have caught the eye, and they bring a modern twist and a bit of uniqueness to men’s eyewear.

Bright and Transparent Nude Glasses

Warm and dusty pink nudes are becoming a trend, creating healthy competition among men’s eyewear with these unique and luring hues.

Oversized Glasses Chains

Interestingly, chunky eyewear chains with retro style are stylish and useful. They are a great option for men’s eyewear. Moreover, they are both stylish and practical.

This fusion of these trends embraces timeless elements with a creative touch of modern trends, presenting men with hundreds of styles they can draw from when choosing eyewear in 2024.

How important is it to invest in high-quality eyewear for long-term use?

In this regard, high-end eyewear is critical since it is not only for visual clarity and comfort but also means investing in eye health and style. undefined

Visual Clarity and Comfort

High-quality lenses and frames are built to offer excellent optical clarity and durability, which in turn contribute to better comfort and less eye strain.

UV Protection

High-quality glasses are usually equipped with strong UV protection that keeps eyes safe from damaging sun rays. These glasses reduce the risk of long-term damage.

Durability and Longevity

Well-made eyewear constructed from high-quality materials is typically more durable and thus provides extended, fast years of use without sacrificing performance, functionality, or good looks.

Style and Versatility

Often, the better eyewear is the one with classic designs and universal styles that stay relevant to the changing trends, thus ensuring durable use without worrying about much upgrading.

By purchasing a pair of sunglasses with high-quality features, users can prioritize their eye health, experience long-lasting comfort, and give themselves a fashion statement that will be valid for a long time. Such an investment makes perfect sense.


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