A Complete Guide for Clothes During the Rainy Season 


Everyone loves monsoons! There can be nothing more pleasurable than sitting by your window and sipping hot tea as it continues pouring outside. However, the overall peace of mind ends as soon as you plan stepping outside your home. To top it all, you are also expected to bring about some modifications to your clothing as you put on the right monsoon clothes to suit the rainy season. 

As far as monsoon clothes are concerned, it is undeniable that your summer-time short dresses and skirts are a big NO during the rainy season. However, while it is not going to be sunny that much, the overall heat as well as humidity of the monsoon season can take a toll on your outfit selection. In such humid climatic conditions, it is important to invest in breathable and light fabrics that help you to be cool and dry throughout. Let us help you with the complete guide to bring home the right monsoon clothes and other accessories. 

What are the Best Fabrics for the Monsoon Season? 

It can be slightly confusing to choose the right fabric for the rainy season. Here are some of the best options for the right fabrics for the monsoon season: 

  • Cotton: Without any doubt, cotton is one of the best fabrics for the monsoons. It is breathable, lightweight, and capable of drying off quickly. Natural fabrics like mulmul and cotton have low-absorbent quality. Therefore, they function great for the rainy season.  

You can choose a classic cotton t-shirt from Glamly while pairing the same with a pair of denim shorts or track bottoms to carry forward a comfortable look. Whatever fabric you choose, ensure that it is not body-hugging. Otherwise, you will end up sweating a lot. 

  • Denim: Denim might not be the first option that comes to your mind when you are searching for the monsoon-friendly comfy clothing range. However, it turns out to be a practical option for the wet season. Denim outfits or clothes are stylish. Therefore, you can opt for a classic denim dress from Glamly or wear shorts with a stylish t-shirt to complete the look. 
  • Khadi: Natural fabrics and the monsoon season complement each other quite well. Khadi is yet another natural, lightweight, and breathable fabric that dries off quickly and remains uncrumpled for a longer period. It is quite chic in the modern monsoon fashion sense and can be worn to your workplace and even beyond. 
  • Blends Including Rayon: If you are not fond of cotton, you can opt for rayon as well. In addition to being lightweight and airy, the fabric features a slight gloss to enhance your look. For the best outcomes, you can choose from the myriad of rayon-based monsoon clothes at Glamly -including rayon skirts and shirts while you accessorize them with a chic belt or a classic denim jacket to go out on your perfect coffee date. 

Styling Your Monsoon Clothes  

Styling the monsoon clothes can appear overwhelming. However, it is not very difficult. If you are not fond of mini or short dresses, you can always choose designer midi skirts from Glamly. Bermuda shorts, midi culottes, and other comfortable options for monsoon clothes can work great for the monsoon season.  

At the same time, it is recommended that you should avoid wearing neutrals. It is because the rainy season is itself quite gloomy. Therefore, you should select monsoon clothes or outfits in bright hues that will bring up your happy and joyful mood throughout. Moreover, you should also avoid wearing whites as they might get dirty easily during the wet season. 

How to Accessorize During the Monsoons? 

Accessories are capable of either making or breaking your look. You can include brightly-hued accessories to your standard looks. Make sure that your bags, watches, jewelry pieces, and other accessories are waterproof. Otherwise, they will end up getting damaged during the wet season.  

Try making use of minimal jewelry like beaded bracelets, statement neckpieces, and long earrings to enhance your look. Moreover, you should avoid wearing metallic jewelry as moisture can minimize the shine of the statement pieces. 

Choosing the Right Footwear for the Monsoon Season 

For footwear, you should choose the ones that easy to put on and dry out as you step out on wet roads. The best suggestion is to opt for wearing water-friendly flip-flops. They are capable of drying out in no time. Avoid wearing footwear options like sports shoes, sneakers, or leather shoes as they will not dry out easily. Moreover, prolonged wetness in your feet can make you sick eventually. 


Monsoons might be dull for some. However, it is also the time to try out new looks and adopt the latest fashion trends. To ensure the same, you can shop for the trendiest monsoon clothes at Glamly! 


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