A Proper Guide for Effectively Cleaning Blocked Drains


Our daily lives are composed of several home chords that involve water and thus drainage systems. These drainage systems are vital for our living, impacting our everyday lifestyle. Bathing, washing utensils, or doing the laundry requires water and thus the involvement of the drainage system. Blocked drains can hamper our daily life. Naturally, drain blockage is an issue that puts resistance to all these daily chores. Blockage inevitably occurs at times as dirt and waste that don’t dissolve easily, close the drain.

Drain Blockage and What Are Its Causes 

Drainage systems are a vital part of our everyday lives, aiding washing, and bathing activities. But after a specific time, blocked drains are bound to occur due to overuse. And some of these causes of drain blockage. This is a common misconception that pipelines and drains are being washed as the water flows. No, you must clean them and maintain them if you want a smooth drainage system.

Hair is perhaps the most common reason for blocked drains. You must have often seen a drain’s mouth being blocked because of a massive amount of hair that falls off during showering. Those hair doesn’t always pass through the pipeline but gets stuck. Thus, the hair there combined with grease and other sticky substances results in drain blockage. 

Dirt is another reason that results in blocked drains and can cause passage issues. Even though water might flow through the pipe every time you wash or bath, it’s not enough to clean the lines. The dirt flowing through it can block the water passage.  Thus, it is better to know how to clear and maintain blocked drains

Other small objects like toilet paper, human waste, food waste, and other unnecessary products end up in the drain. Together, those form a cluster of garbage that blocks the drain passage. Thus, throwing such objects in a trash can is better than in the bathroom or sink. 

Another reason for drain blockage is soap, and unlike liquid soap, soap bars can cause such issues. Many soap bars are made with fat, and the grease or fat present in the bar combined with minerals can harden and block the drain. 

We often through food waste to the sink hoping that it will pass through the drain. But, most of the time they are clogged and cause blockage of drains.

Effective Methods That Help You Clean Blocked Drains

Drain blockage is challenging, but the right equipment and techniques can make a difference. 

Using Baking Soda, Vinegar, And Salt: Regular kitchen ingredients are an excellent solution for removing drain blockage and they are not harmful to the material and you too. Instead of washing solutions and chemicals, use the combination of baking soda and salt and apply it to the blocked sink. After 20–30 minutes, wash it with hot water.

Another vinegar, lemon, and salt mixture is also an excellent cleaner. You need to pour the mixture down the drain and follow it up after 20-30 minutes.  

Using a plunger is an effective way to manually clear the drain. This technique is mainly done as toilet blockage. While using it, make sure that there aren’t any openings for water to spill out, then make the up and down motion. This will create pressure that can help loosen any blockage in the drain. 

Vacuuming: Another effective method is wet and dry vacuuming, which will suck out the blockage in the drain. This will clear any clogged drain by creating a tight seal. Call professionals for vacuum inspection for blocked drains.

Using Caustic Cleaners: There are many caustic cleaners that you can buy at the store which will clear the clogged drain. These chemicals are made to deal with hair, soap, food, and more that cause the blockage. 


Blocked drains are common in almost every house, and it might be challenging to deal with them. But following effective methods like washing chemicals, baking soda, salt and lemon, and a plunger can do the trick. But if it is a heavy blockage and the home remedies don’t work well you need to call a plumber or an agency who will do the work efficiently. This way, you have a clean drain to continue your daily chores.


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