Conserve Water in Your Home with these 11 Effortless Techniques


We can understand that long and warm showers might wipe down your stress away, but it can negatively impact your budget and environment, as well. As you all know that there are limited resources of water that human beings and other animals can use. 97.5% of the worldwide available water is available in oceans, which’s not safe for daily usage.

As a matter of fact, we use water not only for drinking, but also for washing clothes, and dishes, preparing food, cultivation, and so on. So, when freshwater supplies are limited for humans, we should better focus on conserving water. This would benefit in reducing your monthly or annual expenses behind water bills, as well. Additionally, it makes sure that you are contributing more to the environment. Here are some basic ways to keep a check on water usage.

  1. Resolve Leaks

In case the water is running 24/7 from leaky faucets or showerheads, then you would face an enormous loss. Leaks can result in wasting gallons of water. And, they can pose a threat to your domestic or commercial construction, too. So, don’t take any chances with leaky faucets and other relevant counterparts.

Immediately, avail handyman services Dubai to put a stop to illogical water wastage. Otherwise, you can fix leaks on your own, if you have enough experience. Therefore, make the right move and fix the source of the leak to conserve more water.

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  1. Don’t Forget to Turn the Taps off

Water consumption can go wrong if you are not careful in using water sources. Don’t let the taps run for long hours. Handyman services Dubai experts added a great tip to save water in your house — While brushing teeth or shaving up, keep the tap off.

Surprisingly, you will be conserving at most 6 litres of water every minute if you follow this trick. Thus, keep taps off whenever you are not using the fixtures in your home. In addition to this, try to avoid long showers. Limit the shower period to fifteen minutes for the best results. Moreover, turn off the tap when you don’t require water during the bath.

  1. Go for Smaller Dishwasher

Are you thinking of purchasing a new and efficient dishwasher? The latest dishwashers offer great features to save water; always go for a smaller one. Before you load dishes into the dishwasher, scrape them off. Rinsing them with water would waste more water. Thus, this would facilitate you to conserve water up to 10 gallons.

On the other hand, you should prefer running only full loads of dishes. You can consider a double-drawer dishwasher if you generally handle comparatively smaller loads, and such dishwasher models conserve more water, energy, and detergent.

  1. Keep an Eye over Toilet

The toilet in your home can indulge in wasting gallons of water, and that’s even beyond your knowledge. If you observe that the toilet is constantly running, then you should take the initiative to fix it. The prime cause behind a running toilet is usually the flapper. You can replace the flapper after turning off the water supply.

A faulty flapper can result in flushing all the water. So, flush the toilet tank, take out the old flapper from the base of the toilet tank. And, you’re ready to replace the old flapper with a brand new one. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, you can call in an expert. Or, consider replacing the entire toilet system.

  1. Insert a Bottle in the Toilet Tank

The toilet tank usually flushes out more water than needed. If you want to limit water consumption, then you can use this trick. Pour sand or pebbles in a bottle of one-litre capacity. You can pour sand or pebbles up to a height of two inches. Next, you need to fill the bottle with water.

Put this bottle into the toilet tank. Make sure that you insert in the tank away from the main flushing system. This bottle can conserve up to five gallons of water, and that to every day. Additionally, it doesn’t bring any negative impact on the efficiency of the toilet. In case the toilet tank is bigger than usual, then you can insert even two bottles.

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  1. Turn on the Sprinklers in Early Morning

It’s mandatory to water the lawn in front of your home. And, if you use sprinklers to water the lawn, then fix the timing for early mornings. This technique would prevent swift evaporation of water as it’s not midday. You can conserve more water with this trick.

Additionally, you can avoid using rogue sprinklers. Just spray the side of your home or the sidewalk. And, don’t only place them to face the grass directly.

  1. Stack up Dirty Clothes

Until and unless they reach the load of a full machine wash, washing clothes in smaller loads would end up wasting more water than you can imagine. When you are already using an eco-friendly washing machine, then use this hack to conserve more water.

You can pile up your dirty clothes and wait for them to become compatible with a full-load wash. Afterwards, you can wash your clothes inside your washing machine with full capacity. And consequently, you would save a lot of water.

  1. Make Use of a Compost Bin

Are you using garbage disposal attached to your sink? Well, such garbage disposals require enough water for optimum functioning. When water conservation is your plan, you should ditch the idea of an in-sink garbage disposal system. Rather, you can use a compost bin. This technique would minimise both water consumption and wastage. Additionally, you can save up on energy in your home.

  1. Don’t Waste Water to Cool it off

Have you kept taps on running to facilitate cold water? Don’t repeat this mistake any more. Just put a few bottles of drinking water in your refrigerator. And, whenever you feel thirsty, simply get the cold water from your fridge. In addition to this, you can consider buying an eco-friendly water filter for conserving water to a great extent.

  1. Insulate Pipes

When it comes to exposed pipes in the attic and basement portion of your house, we are afraid that water is merely conserved. Coming to the exposed pipes, the pipes take much longer to warm up the flowing water. On the other hand, covering up the water heater with an insulating blanket would do the same job.

  1. Keep Maintaining Appliances

Your in-house applications require an uninterrupted supply of water for maximum proficiency. However, if your electrical appliances generate any flaw or leak, it can lead to wastage of water. Additionally, the degraded efficiency of any appliance can make the appliance use more water than required.

As per surveys, you can save up to 20 per cent of the water with eco-friendly appliances. So, adopt these techniques to make them sustainable for the next generation.

Things to Remember….

With sincere steps towards water conservation and usage, you can save on water and energy bills, too. If you are following every precaution and technique to conserve water, and still your water bills are spiking every month, then look out for maintenance seams. Keep a maintenance expert and its contact handy for addressing critical plumbing issues or appliance faults.


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