Did You Know That Massages Can Help Cope With Stress?


Sometimes it feels like we constantly carry stress with us. In our shoulders, backs, bodies, and by extension in our minds as well. Given that we’re always juggling the tensions of life and work, it can become hard to find ways to cope with stress and cut loose. That’s why it’s important to take the time for self-care and treat yourself to a massage.

While there are myriad ways to cope with stress, including yoga, meditation, and the usual suspects. Inculcating these into your routine can start to cause stress rather than reduce it. Best to stick to an activity that is completely relaxing and doesn’t require repeated practice to achieve results. We’re talking about a nice smooth sensual massage from your partner. A massage will not only help you cope with stress and reduce anxiety but set the mood for more fun later.  

Read on to find out how massages help you cope with stress.

What Does Science Say?

The best way to cope with stress and tackle anxiety is by relaxing. And one of the best ways to let your body chill is with a massage. Gentle kneads break down and release those tense muscles, leaving you relaxed and definitely more limber than when you started. But does science support that? Of course! It is proven that massages help reduce the levels of cortisol (or the stress hormone) in your body. Less cortisol means less weight gain which is always a major win if you ask me. Gentle physical touch to the body also helps oxytocin release which is associated with feelings of affection and bonding. 

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The Ultimate Antidote

Where there’s stress, anxiety follows. Thankfully a relaxing massage can help cope with stress and aid in treating anxiety too. During and even after a massage the body releases high levels of endorphins which are also dubbed the happy hormone. They reduce any lingering pain ridding you of stress and anxiety woes leaving you feeling rejuvenated. 

Rest & Relaxation Redefined

Not only does a massage address high blood pressure but also treats migraines, and gives you a great night of sleep after. After all that R&R, you’re bound to be well equipped to cope with stress and say goodbye to any anxiety. And it’s not just your mind that’s cashing in on the perks. A weekly session with a relaxing massage oil bolsters your immunity against viruses that spread when the season changes.

Remember: Using the right relaxing massage oil is essential to a good massage and can be the difference between a regular massage and one that takes you to heaven.

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Everybody Wins

A massage with Glow Relaxing is mutually beneficial to cope with stress and anxiety. The masseur also receives a heavy dose of cortisol reducing effects, because their fingertips can’t knead out tension without being touched back. This is exactly why we recommend you schedule weekly a massage with your partner to stay connected and enjoy stress beating exercises together.

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