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India is a land of cultural and traditional sentiments, and one such tradition of India is the auspicious Hindu weddings, and the mangalsutra plays a very important role in it. The groom ties a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck, which signifies the official wedlock. 

A diamond mangalsutra is made of very fine metals such as gold and diamonds tied to a beaded chain consisting of black and golden beads. Women who are married adorn it, which is a sacred custom in Hindu marriage. 

A diamond mangalsutra is a ‘sacred thread or cords’ as mangal means auspicious and sutra means thread. In the south, it is referred to as THALI. It is a promise to stay together through thick and thin. The shape and size of mangalsutra may differ from state and region. 

Mangalsutra is a fashion quotient that has emerged from traditional ornament to a fashion statement today. The designs from simple old classics have evolved to various modern and minimal elements. The choice of today’s bride has stuck to diamond, which is highly in trend nowadays, and brides prefer it over pure gold. 

It has incorporated various patterns and alphabets rather than typical leaves and flower motifs which were earlier very popular and common designs. Not just designs but the length of the diamond mangalsutra has seen a major shift from long chains to shorter chains. 

Looking for a wow factor? Check out the different styles of stunning mangalsutra online and decide your own vibe. 

Diamond Mangalsutra 

Very popular in demand and adorned by various celebrities, the solitaire mangalsutra has made everyone fall in love head over heels. Recently, Deepika Padukone opted for it for her wedding, and ever since then, it has been the most asked about and talked about style. To keep a hint of tradition and yet craft it in contemporary style, diamond mangalsutra is what you might be looking for.

It is made of either black beads or black and golden, both attached to a bright solitaire which makes it look ultra chic and can be worn with both contemporary and traditional styles.

Minimum Glam

This might be the choice for people who do not like very flashy items. A minimalistic diamond mangalsutra can be an ideal option which is more traditional in its appearance. It comes with the touch of tradition, i.e. gold n black beads with a little pendant. 

Custom Make

Many times, we get ideas inspired by our celebrities that might be appealing and innovative. The best part about customisation is that you need not go for the same standard designs. Get them personalised by taking a sweet turn on tradition and doing something unique. Lately, a very famous Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja personalised her diamond mangalsutra with the star sign of her husband and hers with a solitaire in the centre. It was unique and appealing. Similarly, you can also opt for anything, be it your star sign, name, alphabet etc. 

Meenakari Mangalsutra

This is for those who want to keep the old traditional vibes alive. It is a Rajasthani design and the ideal form of a diamond mangalsutra. The best part about meenakari is that it is available in vibrant colours and designs, offering a little space for personalisation. 

Long Chain Mangalsutra

A lot of experiments have been done with mangalsutra designs. These pieces offer a high low chain pattern with knot details. It is yet a very trendy pattern in today’s scenario.  

Diamond mangalsutra has seen an evolution from older times till date in the form of size, designs and sleekness, but it will never be out of trend. A piece of jewellery that signifies marriage should be unique and appealing, so what are you waiting for? Are you a bride-to-be? Or are you looking forward to upgrading your existing diamond mangalsutra? 

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