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Gudi Padwa 2023 WhatsApp Status Video: Gudi Padwa is a traditional Hindu festival that marks the beginning of the New Year in the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, and parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in India, usually in March or April.

On this day, people decorate their houses with rangolis (colorful patterns made of colored powder), prepare traditional dishes, and wear new clothes. One of the key customs of Gudi Padwa is the raising of the Gudi, which is a pole or bamboo stick decorated with a bright green or yellow cloth, garlanded with flowers, and topped with a silver or copper pot. The Gudi is placed outside the front door or window, symbolizing the victory of good over evil and prosperity.

During Gudi Padwa, people also visit temples, offer prayers to the deities, and seek blessings for the coming year. The festival is a time for family gatherings, exchanging sweets and gifts, and spreading joy and happiness.

Gudi Padwa 2023 WhatsApp Status Video

This Gudi Padwa, let the Gods bestow health, luck, happiness, and prosperity on you and your family. Happy Gudi Padwa.

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Let’s pray for peace and harmony for our country in the coming year on this day. Wish you a very Happy Gudi Padwa 2023.

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No celebration is incomplete with the love and blessings of family and I wish we all have the best of Gudi Padwa celebrations with each other.

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“May you are showered with happy times and moments of glory in this coming year….  Sending lots of love and best wishes on Gudi Padwa.”

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“Wishing you the best of happiness, health and success in life….. Wishing you a wonderful and memorable year ahead…. Happy Gudi Padwa 2023.”

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Gudi Padwa is the beginning of the New Year! I hope the new year has all the colours of happiness and laughter for you and your family. Happy Gudi Padwa.

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