Happy Guru Purnima 2022: 10 Best WhatsApp Status Videos to Download


Happy Guru Purnima 2022: 10 Best WhatsApp Status Videos: There is a tradition of celebrating festivals of every religion in India with pomp. It is believed that Ved Vyas Ji was born on the day of Guru Purnima. This day is celebrated with great reverence in the country. Guru Purnima is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the month of Ashadh. It is also called Vyasa Purnima. The worship of the Guru on this day has special significance, hence the Guru is worshiped on this day. Guru has been given the highest position in Indian culture. Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon of Ashadh Shukla, and this day is dedicated to the Gurus only. It is believed that Maharishi Vyas had descended on the earth on this day. Maharishi Vyas was the ocean of knowledge, and he was also the guru of the gurus. Worship of the Guru is considered very important in Indian culture and tradition.

So, if you’re searching for a Happy Guru Purnima WhatsApp Status Video to Download, then here you’re at the perfect place. Here we are with “Happy Guru Purnima 2022: 10 Best WhatsApp Status Videos to Download”. You can download your favorite Happy Guru Purnima WhatsApp Status Video from these by tapping on the “Click here to Download” option.

Happy Guru Purnima 2022: 10 Best WhatsApp Status Videos

“I have walked with you
I have laughed with you
I have expressed my sorrows to you
and you have stood there like a tree
shading my existence from the harm of the world
there cannot be a teacher equal to your mother.
Happy Guru Purnima 2022.”

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The best Guru teaches from the heart, not from the books. Happy Guru Purnima Day

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Guru is the creator Brahma, Guru is the preserver Vishnu, and Guru is the destroyer, Shiva. Guru is directly the supreme spirit — I offer my salutations to this Guru – Adi Shankara

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You introduced me to myself and showed me the right way. Thanks for making me who I am. Wish you a Happy Guru Purnima Day

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A Guru’s purpose is not to create Shishya in his own image, but to develop Shishya who can create their own image.

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You are the inspiration who made me win with a spirit. It wouldn’t have been possible without you, Happy Guru Purnima!

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As we walk the path of life,
we come across a whole lot of people,
some come to stay and,
some come to teach us.

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