How Can You Style Straw Sun Hat This Summer?


Who does not like summer, right? It is the most wanted season in the western countries where winter is dominant almost throughout the year. In this case, you keep longing to experience those exciting couple of summer days all year round and plan your vacations months earlier. It’s the beauty of summer; people just tend to go all out, have fun and of course, and soak in the very vital Vitamin D. 

You cannot just spend a summer without pre-planning it, right? However, due to the exposure of sunlight and scorching heat, it becomes a necessity to take good care and preparation of your sunny dates. This preparation should never be limited to just taking care of your figure so that you can pull off that bikini look. It is much beyond that. You should be ready with summer costumes and all the required accessories, especially summer hats, well-being products, and cosmetics to not let the heat beat you. 

A guide to summer fashion

This article will be your guardian for this summer fashion to address this issue and guide you towards the right path. Following are a few ways you can style one of the most important elements for your summer dates—straw sun hats. 

  • Use it with a bodysuit: 

You cannot be a fan of fashion and hate or dislike bodysuits at the same time. Hence this one is for the lovely fashionistas out there who want to flaunt their beautiful summer figure wearing a body suit. A body suit is one of the perfect ways to expose your skin to heat, yet protect it from the direct sunlight. You can have a chill day at the beach wearing your favourite body suit and topping your look off with womens straw sun hatRemember, your straw hat is your best friend for the season. 

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  • Have fun wearing that bikini:

Summertime and bikini go hand in hand. Similar to body suits; bikini is the perfect blend of fashion and necessity. It has been like this since the vintage days and is still relevant in the recent times. If you have a comfortable yet stylist bikini to flaunt this season, go give it a try. Remember to pick up the most comfortable bikini because you do not want to be uptight in the pool or beach. Comfort should always be prioritized over mere fashion. You can complete this look with a beautiful straw hat with wide and wavy brim.

  • Let the airy dress flow:

A summer hat and an airy dress do seem like a scene straight out of a romantic movie, isn’t it? You must have watched at least a single movie scene portraying exactly this. There are many pros to wearing an airy dress such as it is mostly conventional for all sorts of people, it is easy to wear and feels comfortable against the summer heat. Also, you can style it up with a straw hat with wide brim and go all-tropical with your look. You can play with the colours of your outfit as much as you like, however, prefer to go for neutral, warm or nude colours, which naturally give summer vibes.

  • Camisoles and shorts are always the way:

If you are comfortable wearing a two-piece outfit, you can give camisoles and pair of your favorite shorts a try. It is both funky and summer-friendly as an outfit and you can alternatively, experiment with your look. For example, you can pair a breezy shrug with your camisole. This will also take care of the excess heat from being in direct contact with your skin. Do not forget to complete the outfit with a straw hat. You can get either a short or wide brim one because straw hats provide you with enough protection irrespective of the form.

  • Pair it up with anything breezy:

If you could not relate to any one of the above-mentioned outfits, this one is for you. You must be having a couple of summery clothes, which may not be too revealing or too covered up either. These are appropriate fits for summer for someone who does not like to invest too much into season-specific clothes. Make sure you carry your straw hat to protect you from the heat. 

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Wrapping up

Many people do overlook these requisites and go sunbathing in their bare skin. While this might seem fun and wild, it comes with too many risks. Right from increasing the chances of skin cancer and burns, you will be at high risk of causing underlying serious medical issues. The necessity of using appropriate summer accessories in the right way does not get said enough. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of the plausible effects of summer heat and act accordingly and in the right way. If you use certain accessories but do it in the wrong way, you will not gain much benefit out of. So, be careful and enjoy your summertime with your near and dear ones!

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