How To Play Holi Safely? : Enjoy Holi Without Worrying!


Most of us know this already about playing Holi and enjoying this festival to the core but in today’s world, one needs to take care of body, skin and hair and therefore it becomes important to play Holi safely while you enjoy the festival to the fullest. When you don’t forget to put the best holi captions on your Facebook status then how can you forget about the pre and post holi care of yourself? Well, If you didn’t give it much thought before then now is the time to do so and follow the precautions while you play holi.

Skin Care

Before you start playing with Holi colours always apply boy moisturiser to your whole body, especially the exposed part. You can also use vaseline to cover up your skin with an oily base.

Hair Care

Just like your skin, you need to care for your hair as well. All you need to do is oil your hair before going to play and also you can use the cap to cover your hair. Although, people will try to remove your cap and add colour to your scalp you need to take the best measures to protect your hair. And for all the ladies, make sure you tie your hair up and make a bun or braid them properly.

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Points To Remember

Use chemical-free Holi colours

Synthetic Holi colour can hurt your kid’s skin. To guard your children, you can motivate them to make regular tones at home or purchase natural tones for playing.

Wear Full sleeve clothes

Holi is an ancient traditional festival and if you want to stick to ethnic wear, then white full sleeve kurta can be your best choice. Wearing full sleeve clothes will prevent your skin from staining from those permanent holi colours. Also, you will have a souvenir or as a memory to keep that coloured kurta.

Wear Sunglasses

If you are stepping out in the sun, remember it’s a sunny day as March begins and the temperature is too high. Therefore you need to protect your eyes from direct sunlight and also it will help you to keep your eyes safe from unwanted Holi colour powder and water.

Keep yourselves hydrated

We often forget to keep ourselves hydrated when we are busy with our festive mood, hence we need to hydrate ourselves even we are drenched with holy water. Please see that it’s summertime in most of the places and drinking liquids during such time becomes a necessity.

Extra Care For Children

  • Regardless of how much your kid loves to play, it requires no type of indecency. Tell your kid the person can’t put tones on somebody strongly or menace them for not being down.
  • Try not to venture out during the pinnacle hours
  • Don’t allow your kid to venture out during the peak long hours of festivity to try not to turn into a survivor of hooliganism.
  • Request that they be cautious on wet surfaces
  • Guarantee your youngster doesn’t go around on wet surfaces to keep away from the possibilities of a physical issue.

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