How Women’s Suit Set is always a Perfect Wearable for almost Every Occasion


Women’s suit sets are a timeless choice to look beautiful on every Indian occasion. Whether you are going for a social gathering or casual outings you can easily don an attire that complements your personal taste and preference. There are plenty of styles to choose from when choosing a women’s suit set. In this article, we have discussed the details related to women’s suit sets and the factors that make them perfect for every occasion.

Iconic Women’s Suits for Indian Events

Here are some of the iconic women’s suit sets that complement traditional Indian events.

Umbrella Suit Set

The umbrella suit set or Anarkali suit set features a flared flow that resembles an inverted umbrella. The style comes with a fitted bodice and a flowy skirt which flares out at the waist. The umbrella suit set offers a regal and enchanting look perfect for any ethnic occasion.

Gharara Suit Set

The Gharara suit set is a traditional dress that finds its roots in Lucknow, India. The dress comprises a kurta, a Gharara and a dupatta. Gharara is different from sharara and offers a more voluminous flair and exquisite embroidery at the hemline. This ensemble exudes opulence and is often adorned with intricate zardozi, gotapatti, or chikankari work. The Gharara suit set is a timeless choice for special occasions like weddings, engagements, and cultural festivities.

Mulmul Suit Set

Mulmul is a lightweight and breathable cotton fabric which is perfect and comfortable for hot Indian weather. The soft texture and delicate drape make it great for daytime gatherings. The mulmul suit set typically features a straight or A-line kurta paired with comfortable, loose-fitting pants or palazzos. This ensemble is often adorned with subtle prints, delicate embroidery, or lace details

Bandhani Suit Set

Bandhani is a popular traditional tie-dye technique and finds its roots in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The technique involves creating intricate patterns by typing small portions of fabric and dyeing them with different colours. The bandhani suit offers a very visually appealing design perfect for any wedding or cultural gathering. It is a favoured choice for festivals like Navratri and Diwali, as well as weddings and cultural gatherings.

Indigo Suit Set

Indigo is generally a deep blue natural dye and finds intensive application in the Indian textile industry. The technique has been used heavily to create timeless and mesmerising outfits.  The kurta and pants of the indigo suit set are dyed in rich indigo hues, often featuring hand-block prints, tie-dye patterns, or intricate embroidery. This ensemble exudes a sense of rustic charm and sophistication, making it a popular choice for casual and formal events.

Why Women’s Suit Sets Perfect for Every Occasion?

With its timeless charm and unmatched versatility, the salwar suit set has become a staple couture choice for people. You can find more reasons so as to why this attire is perfect for every traditional occasion.

1. Women’s salwar suit set offers the aura of graceful elegance as it offers the perfect flair to create a feminine and sophisticated look. The salwar suit is often complemented by flared pants or churidar making it perfect for casual or formal events. Donning a salwar suit is perfect to elevate your overall style quotient.

2. One of the most significant advantages of wearing a salwar suit set is the comfort it offers to the wearer. Unlike other dresses, a basic salwar suit offers the right amount of airflow within the dress offering a comfortable and easy look. You can opt for a Patiala salwar or palazzos that allow you to move freely without any restrictions. You can choose from soft and breathable fabrics such as cotton, silk, or chiffon to elevate the comfort factor.

3. Whether it’s a formal office event, a traditional wedding, or a casual get-together, you can effortlessly adapt the salwar suit to suit any occasion. For a more formal setting, you can choose a tailored suit in a solid colour or subtle print, paired with minimalistic accessories. On the other hand, for festive occasions, you can opt for a heavily embellished suit complemented by statement jewellery and a beautiful dupatta.

4. Another compelling reason to embrace the salwar suit set is its ability to flatter all body types. With various styles and cuts available, you can find the perfect fit that accentuates your body’s unique features. The versatility of the salwar suit set allows you to play with different fabrics and styles while always making you confident. 

Women’s suit sets have a distinct place in Indian couture. Over the years, they have undergone huge transformations but that does not lessen its importance. If you are looking to pick some women’s suits for yourself then do check out the new season collection at Aachho.


Q. What are the major iconic women’s suit sets?

A. Umbrella suit set, Gharara suit set, and Bandhani suit set are some major iconic women’s suit sets.

Q. What makes the Gharara suit set perfect for Indian culture?

A. Gharara suit set is perfect for Indian culture as they celebrate the legacy and culture of Indian couture.

Q. Why should you opt for an Indigo suit set?

A.  This ensemble exudes a sense of rustic charm and sophistication, making it a popular choice for casual and formal events.

Q. What factors have contributed to the popularity of women’s suit sets?

A. Factors like comfort, elegance and techniques have contributed to the popularity of women’s suit sets.

Q. What is the best way to style a women’s salwar suit set?

A. You should style your women’s salwar suit using traditional jewellery and a nice hairdo.


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