National Statistics Day 2023: Current Theme, Quotes, Images, Messages, Posters, Banners, Slogans, Wishes, Captions and Cliparts


National Statistics Day is observed in India on June 29th each year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Professor Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis. Professor Mahalanobis, an eminent statistician, played a crucial role in shaping the statistical system in India and contributed significantly to the field of statistics.

The day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of statistics in decision-making, policy formulation, and socio-economic planning. It highlights the vital role that statistics play in providing reliable data for evidence-based decision-making and development.

On National Statistics Day, various events, seminars, workshops, and conferences are organized to promote the understanding and utilization of statistics across different sectors. These events aim to highlight the achievements and contributions of statisticians, researchers, and data analysts in generating accurate and meaningful data for policy implementation.

National Statistics Day also serves as an opportunity to honor Professor Mahalanobis and his immense contributions to the field of statistics in India. His pioneering work in establishing the Indian Statistical Institute and developing statistical techniques that revolutionized data analysis has had a lasting impact on the country’s statistical system.

Through the observance of National Statistics Day, India recognizes the importance of statistics in shaping the nation’s progress and emphasizes the need for reliable and comprehensive data for informed decision-making in various domains, including economics, social welfare, healthcare, and education.

National Statistics Day 2023: Current Theme, Quotes, Images, Messages, Posters, Banners, Slogans, Wishes, Captions and Cliparts

“Statistics is the backbone of informed decision-making. On this National Statistics Day, let us acknowledge the significance of accurate data in shaping a brighter future.”

“Wishing everyone a Happy National Statistics Day! May this day inspire us to appreciate the power of statistics in understanding our world and making informed choices.”

“Statistics is not just about numbers; it tells the story behind the data. Let’s celebrate National Statistics Day by recognizing the statisticians and researchers who uncover the insights that drive progress.”

“On National Statistics Day, let’s embrace the value of reliable data and its role in building a stronger nation. May we use statistics to empower evidence-based policies and pave the way for inclusive development.”

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“Sending warm wishes on National Statistics Day! Let’s remember the words of Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis: ‘Statistics is the science of gaining insights from data.’ May we continue to unlock knowledge and progress through the power of statistics.”


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