Some Tips For A Comfortable Ute Camping Trip


One of the best ways to get away from it all and escape the modern world for a while is to go ute camping. The ute’s rugged construction and versatile nature make it the perfect vehicle to explore the wilderness while still maintaining a basic level of comfort and convenience. We have collected a few tips to help make your ute camping adventure a wild success!

  • Canopy – The first thing you need to do is have a ute canopy in Melbourne Installed on your vehicle’s back tray. This simple addition provides a wealth of useful features, transforming your ute into a cosy home away from home on wheels that can carry everything you need for your travels in a safe, weather-proof condition. The canopy becomes the home base you need to survive and thrive in the wilderness in style! 
  • Rooftop Tent – Everyone who ever tried to set up a traditional tent knows what a hassle it can be, with poles going everywhere except where you want them to, and trying to drive stakes into hard ground that may as well be a concrete parking lot! Avoid all of the hassles by installing a rooftop tent over your canopy that can be erected with a minimum of effort in the evening and folded away quickly when the night is over. You will sleep much more soundly knowing that the creepy crawlies that lurk on the ground are unlikely to follow you up the ladder and that you will be high and dry above the mud in case of rain!
  • Air Mattress And Sleeping Bag – Now that your rooftop tent is up and ready for a good night’s rest, you can settle down in comfort on your soft, comfy air mattress in a nice, cosy sleeping bag! Make sure to invest in high-quality products specifically designed for camping, a cheap beach air mattress and a sleeping bag made for backyard slumber parties are not going to provide you with the kind of guaranteed comfort you will want to have when you plan to sleep in the middle of a primaeval forest or in a remote corner of the Outback! 
  • Portable Camp Stove – While its fun to cook over the open coals of a campfire, it is not always feasible, especially when in areas that have seasonal fire danger prohibitions in place. A portable camp stove runs on safe-to-use natural gas and can transform your truck back into a five-star kitchen! You can cook nearly any dish you can think of on a camp stove because just like at home, you can control the temperature, ensuring your efforts are perfectly heated and ready to eat! 
  • Portable Water Filter – Having access to clean, potable water is an absolute must when camping! You should always bring along a few gallons just in case, but if you find a cool running mountain stream and want to be sure it’s safe to drink, you can have fresh, delicious water thanks to the science of filtration.

Stay safe and have a great time on your wilderness adventure!


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