What is it Like to Go to Couples’ Therapy?


There is a huge preconceived notion that a relationship should always be happy for both the partners involved. This notion has been well ingrained in our minds with the help of movies, romantic series, and poetry. Love and relationship are often portrayed as people being happy 24×7. 

But in real life, relationships do not necessarily mean one is always happy and this is seen as a very surreal condition to sustain. When two individuals are in a relationship it is inevitable to have misunderstandings and fights and what matters is how a couple can navigate through it. 

There are also a lot of psychologists who offer couples counseling to help a couple going through a rough patch. If you are considering couples counseling to manage the rough patch or to avoid certain issues in a relationship you might be wondering what it is like to go to couple’s therapy. This article will give an idea of what to expect from a couple’s therapy to make the most out of it. 

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples counseling or therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that is focused on helping a couple through the challenges they face in their relationship. This is done by a counselor who helps them understand their relationship better and develop healthier coping mechanisms and boundaries. 

What Is It Like to Go to Couples’ Therapy?

Couples therapy involves talking about relationship problems and challenges to a therapist who will have a neutral state. If it is your first time going to couples counseling then expect a lot of questions from your therapist. 

The therapist helps you and your partner open up healthily and communicate difficult topics and help in understanding each other’s perspective. A therapist will ask you specific questions to help couples communicate with each other. 

Be prepared to have open communication about your feelings as this will help your partner understand how what they say is reaching and making you feel. With the help of guided couples activity, a therapist can help couples talk about what they need without the partner shutting themself down. 

A couples counseling is a neutral space where the therapist will not take sides but instead will try to understand the root cause of the problem and address it. It might be daunting to open up about your feelings, especially if you are not used to doing it before, but it is advisable to have difficult conversations where there is someone to guide the conversation so that it  reaches your partner in a non-threatening way 

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There are a lot of stigmas attached to couples therapy. Going to couples therapy does not mean you have a bad relationship or your relationship is falling apart. It is very common to visit couples therapy to understand the partner better to avoid conflicts and distress in the relationship later in life. Couples therapy is not just helpful to understand your partner’s needs and love languages better but also very helpful in understanding your needs and expectations in a relationship and with your partner. 

And a therapist will help you understand these in the course of couples counseling. If you want to meet a therapist to discuss this, you can get in touch with the couples therapist in your city. 

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