Why Should People Consider Buying Homes in Pawley Island?


Pawley Island is a small, exclusive “private” island off the coast of Charleston. It is owned by the B&B Owners Association and has strict guidelines for visiting or buying homes on the island. As such, it’s not a popular option for vacationers; however, it would make an excellent place to live. In addition, the island is only accessible by boat, which helps to keep it reasonably isolated. That means that there is no road traffic or excessive local activity to detract from the luxury of living there.

Most of the homes are owned by members of the B&B Owners Association and have a vested interest in the community. It means that they take pride in their property and make sure it is well-maintained. As a result, there’s no possibility that a foreclosure will happen due to neglect or deterioration. In addition, the homes are nestled in white sand and backed by private, pristine beaches.

There are only eight homes on the pawleys island, which allows for a tight-knit community. The B&B Owners Association regularly organizes events on the island, including annual potluck dinners and fourth of July barbecues. Residents are represented in the local Chamber of Commerce. They regularly attend town meetings where they can discuss how to make policies more favorable to their fellow community members. Many people would be willing to pay the extra money for a home on Pawley Island because of the following reasons.

1. It’s a Beautiful, Quiet Place

It’s not like living in the cities; however, it is very relaxing. You wouldn’t even know you’re entirely off-island as you’re being driven to your home. It has rolling hills, lovely gardens, and beautiful trees surrounding the island. It’s hard to explain why so many people enjoy living in Pawley Island because it simply has to be experienced to be understood. It’s a great place to live and is worth looking into for purchase for anyone who wants a beautiful island getaway.

2. It’s Relatively Affordable

The cost of homes on the island is around $1,800,000. The median home value in the US is $183,000 as of October 2012. If you’re able to buy a home on this exclusive island for that price, which has a waterfront view, it’s worth it. Therefore, the cost of homes on Pawley Island is about 17 times that of the US median.

3. It Has a Great Community Feel

As mentioned above, the B&B Owners Association rules restricted access to outsiders and led to an incredibly tight-knit community. It makes it feel almost like an exclusive neighborhood, and the islanders are so friendly and welcoming. When you walk around the island, you may see people paddling boats in the marsh behind their homes, playing tennis, or having barbecues on their private land.

4. It’s Very Private

The pawleys island is tiny, and most of them are privately owned by residents of Pawley Island B&B owners. Most homes are secluded from the rest of the world; however, there’s always something happening somewhere on Pawley Island. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Charleston, you can do so by heading out a mile or two from your home.

5. You Can Enjoy Your Privacy

You’ll be able to enjoy your privacy on Pawley Island because of its small size, the fact that there isn’t anybody around except for those who live on the island, and because you can’t see your neighbors from most homes.

6. You’ll Be Able to Enjoy Your Dock and Beach

The beach is free for owners of homes on the island, another huge perk. You don’t have to pay to go out on the beach, and you don’t share it with anyone else. You can pull up your boat or walk down to the dock and jump right into the ocean.

7. You’ll Have Access to Plenty of Swimming and Fishing Areas

Many people love the ocean and go fishing or swimming in it every chance they get. There are plenty of beautiful, secluded spots here on Pawley Island, as well as several docks you can use to swim from. With so many creeks and ponds on the property, there are a ton of places where you can go fishing.

8. You’ll Be Close to the City

You wouldn’t think so because it’s so secluded and private, but you’re just a few minutes away from the beach and downtown. You can drive into Charleston and see all the bars, restaurants, and historic buildings that make it such a great city. Charleston is just an hour away from pawleys island, which means that you can enjoy city life whenever you want.

9. You’ll Get to Live on an Island

Best of all, you get the chance to live on your very own island! They don’t come cheap, but they are infrequent. If you want to live in a city, it may not be as much fun; however, if you’re looking for a place to spread out and let your kids run around outside on their land, Pawley Island is a perfect choice.

10. It Comes with a Private Beach

The idea of owning your private beach may be appealing to some people. You’ll never have to worry about another beachgoer taking away your spot on the sand or even ruining a good day at the beach. You have complete control over your beach, and if you want to rent it out to friends and family, you can.

11. No Traffic

The most frustrating thing about living in a major city is traffic jams and noise from cars. Since you’re entirely off-island, there’s no traffic to worry about, which is a great way to save your sanity. It also eliminates all noise pollution, which allows you to relax peacefully in your home.

These are some of the crucial reasons people consider getting homes at pawleys island. Once you learn about all the significant reasons, it will be easy for you to make the right decision as per your choice as it will help you enhance your knowledge about this beautiful island.

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