Your Thesis is Worthy – Especially when you have self-doubt


Students have to write a thesis regularly. It helps them to excel in their academic career. But they start to doubt themselves while finishing it. Students suffer from a vicious cycle of self-doubt. They don’t know how to get out of it. Let’s look at the reasons and solutions for self-doubts.

Why do students have doubts about their thesis?

Perfectionist mentality: It is natural to pursue perfection in things. But being obsessed with it is wrong. Students obsess on the idea of a perfect thesis. It leads to self-doubts and errors in the thesis.

Over analysation: Students overanalyze and overthink while writing a thesis. They obsess over perfection and overthink decisions. It leads to self-doubts and undervaluation.

Comparison: Comparison is the worst enemy of humans. Students’ comparison will lead to undervaluation and self-doubt. 

How to deal with self-doubt while writing assignments: Students doubt their abilities to write a thesis. Students undermine their write-ups due to a perfectionist mentality. They don’t know how to get out of self-doubts. It worsens their mental health and assignments. But following steps will help them to solve these issues.

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Practice compassion: Compassion is the best form of encouragement. If you are compassionate with yourself, you can have compassion for others. If you want compassion from others, you have to show compassion to yourself. There is no way around it. You must be compassionate and practice it from time to time. Practice meditation, say whatever you wrote is okay and say there is no harm in making mistakes. You can say encouraging words and eat healthily. All these methods will boost your mood and remove self-doubt.

Past achievements and compliments: Self-doubts can undermine your achievements and feats. You might even doubt yourself. But when you look at the bigger picture, you will realize your greatness. It is difficult to praise yourself when there is a cut-throat competition. But remember that the most challenging tasks have the best rewards. So make sure that you embrace your achievements from time to time.

Spend time with supportive people: You might feel low and doubt your skills to write a thesis. But the right amount of support will help you grow. Spend time with supportive people and take their feedback. Their support and encouragement will help you to improve your thesis writing skills.

Validate yourself: Don’t compare or be a perfectionist:- Comparison is the biggest drawback of humans. It leads to self-distraction and low self-esteem. You will undervalue your thesis if you start comparing it to others. You will doubt your capabilities once you start comparing your writing skills. Everyone has a different set of skills and knowledge. You can’t grow if you start comparing. So if you want growth, you have to work on your skills.

Block the negative energy: You should be mindful of the type of criticism you get. It can be both positive and negative. If it is negative, avoid it. If it is positive, work on it. The same goes for thoughts. If you get too many negative affirmations, try meditation and other techniques. Get some fresh air, distract yourself, meditate and practice mindful techniques. Stay in the right mindset. Steve Maraboli said that once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change. So you should maintain a positive attitude to see positive results in life.

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Why your thesis is still worthy?

Yes, your thesis is still worthy because you wrote it. It contains all the necessary details. Look at your hypothesis from an analytical point of view rather than an emotional one. Don’t overanalyze because you will damage the good parts. Check all the required details and don’t overthink because it will not benefit you. Practice all the above suggestions and relax because nobody is perfect. If you want a good thesis, focus on methods to improve it. Appreciate yourself for finishing a thesis cause writing a thesis is not everyone’s cup of tea. You should have all the skills to write it. Once Albert Einstein said:- Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Watch out for negative criticism, accept positive criticism, and keep improving. 

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