The Best Cricketers to Watch Out for on This Year’s T20 World Cup


The ICC’s T20 World Cup is one of the cricket tournaments that cricket fans are very excited about and its eighth edition is just around the corner. This year, the tournament will be hosted by Australia and will run from October 16 to November 13, 2022.

In total, the competition will have 45 matches from all 16 teams participating. That said, cricket enthusiasts and punters have plenty to look forward to. Followers can easily stream the matches live while punters can go to different betting sites to shop for the best ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Match betting odds.

But what’s more thrilling is being able to see which players will be showing off their ultimate skills on the field. Aside from the Indian Premier League, the T20 World Cup is also a big stage for cricket superstars and even for up-and-coming cricketers.

Let’s have a look at which cricketers fans should be watching out for in the 2022 edition of the ICC’s T20 World Cup:

Liam Livingstone

Liam Livingstone is an English cricketer who mainly plays for Lancashire and the England cricket team as a right-handed batsman. Since 2017, Livingstone played 23 T20 matches. All in all, he was able to get 19 innings with a scoring rate of 152.07. 

His highest score in a match is 103 and his average is 21.65. When it comes to his bowling skills, he was already able to get 228 balls in with 309 runs conceded. His economy rate is 8.13 while his strike rate is 19.00.

He’s also shown how excellent his fielding is. In total, he was already able to get 9 catches and his most catches in innings is 2.  His name is also on the list of the IPL’s best 10 longest sixes last year, so this cricketer is someone to watch out for this year.

Rohit Sharma

This year, Sharman will be the captain of the Indian Team and he’s always been a stand-out in the tournaments he’s part of. He’s been playing in the industry for a long time but fans are still looking forward to seeing what he’ll be bringing to the table in every tournament he’s in.

Since 2007, Sharma has already played 132 T20 Internationals and scored 124 innings. His highest score in a game is 118 and he has an aggregate score of 3487. Sharma’s scoring rate is 140.21 with 27 50s and 4 100s.

Throughout his career as a captain, he’s won 29 out of 35 matches with 16 tosses won. Overall, he has already scored 1161 runs with a batting average of 36.28. With his win rate as a team captain, Sharma is a true champion.

Bhanuka Rajapaksa

This Sri Lanka player is probably not someone you’d expect to find on this list, but based on his recent performance with Punjab Kings, he might as well be a cricket superstar in the making. He’s a left-handed batsman, so he’s got that added dimension.

Since 2019, Rajapaksa was already able to join 21 matches and his total innings is 18. His highest score is 77 and the average score is 23.33. Overall, he has a scoring rate of 134.62 and 350 aggregate. His fielding is alright with just 3 catches in total.

This Sri Lankan player can perform with high impact when teamed with the likes of Pathum Nissanka. Nissanka is a player who likes to take his time and Rajapaksa is an expressive player, so they’d make a good pair.

Quinton De Cock

Another veteran in the international cricket scene is Australian player Quinton de Cock. He’s been playing cricket since 2012 and he’s already played 69 T20 matches since then. He’s also a left-handed batsman.

In those 69 T20 Internationals, Quinton has scored 68 innings and his aggregate is 1894. His highest score in a game is 79 while his average is 31.05. He has also already scored eleven 50s and his scoring rate is 133.38.

For his wicketkeeping stats, he’s had 62 catches and 15 stumpings. As an Australian pitcher, De Cock likes that ball coming onto the bat for a bounce. He’s done well in the IPL too, so he’s someone to be excited about in the upcoming T20 World Cup.

Mitchell Marsh

Mitchell Marsh is also probably someone you don’t expect to see here, but props to him for making the most progress in his recent games. This Australian cricketer has been playing T20 Internationals since 2011.

He’s played 38 matches in total and scored 36 innings with an aggregate of 896. His highest score in a match is 77 while his scoring rate is 125.31.

With his experience, he has helped Australia win a T20 World Cup, and who’s to say that he won’t be eager to defend the team’s championship this year? 


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