Saudi women rights activist Loujain al Hathloul released from prison after three years


Loujain al Hathloul, a women’s rights activist who has been campaigning for women to be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, has finally been released after 1,000 days in prison. Saudi Arabia has been widely criticized internationally for keeping Loujain in prison.

Loujain al Hathloul was imprisoned for almost three years. In December last year, Loujain was sentenced to six years in prison under anti-terrorism laws. Loujain’s family said she had been severely tortured in prison. Human rights lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy had earlier said in a report that women prisoners in prisons, including Loujain, were being harassed.

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These women prisoners were being tortured very inhumanely. Investigating officers were being forced to kiss. There was also sexual harassment. She was accused of threatening to rape her by showing a porn video. Apart from that, hanging on the roof, beatings, electric shocks were being given. Loujain served 1,001 days in detention before the trial and subsequent solitary confinement. Meanwhile, the Saudi government has denied the allegations.

Loujain has remained silent since her release from prison. It is said to be one of the conditions for release from prison. Apart from that, she is on probation and will be kept under surveillance for a few months. In the meantime, it is being said that she will not be able to make anti-government remarks.

Loujain’s release is said to have been prompted by US pressure. US President Joe Biden has put pressure on the Saudi Arabian government to uphold democratic values ​​and human rights.

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